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Airmech Winning Osprey Strategy

Updated on September 14, 2012

What Makes It So Special?

It is the true support class in the Airmech world. It has the highest carrying capacity. It comes standard with cushion, heated, leather seats. It is the second slowest Airmech and the second most armored. The abilities it has a different from the other Airmechs. It can heal units instead of a new improved way to destroy them. As you use your level points to increase the ability, after you unlock it. You can heal tanks in a few seconds. This makes it a 'deadly' opponent. Not to be confused with the Osprey itself being able to kill you. This nearly never happens. It has the weakest attack in the game. If it didn't it would be over powered. If you get a high enough level with the Higgs Boson particle and boosters, you can backdoor drop three gemini tanks. If you could do damage with the Osprey itself, imagine.

If you like to change up the skins on your mech, the Osprey has one of the most options. Some are no longer available. Like the Easter skin.

How To Improve Your Osprey Skills

The Osprey tends to be used in a defensive role. Obviously it is not confined to this but, realistically it is. Seeing it is one of the best Airmechs, if not arguably the best for survival, it is clearly a good choice for defense. The strategies you can use are much different than other Airmechs. The ability to heal means you can easily hold off anything but a massive attack by yourself. As you hold off attacks and keep your units alive you pull ahead in the economy. What I mean by that is if you kill two tanks and keep yours alive by healing them, that is two less tanks your enemy has, about 10,000 credits. If this happens a couple of times or on a larger scale. When you launch your attack you will have a much bigger army than your enemy.

If you want to have a really strong strategy, you can grab a friend who is good with the Saucer. Use the Osprey to hold the line, maintain the money makers and defensive line as well as guard back doors. Assuming you don't control the whole map the Osprey can more than handle these responsibilities. It is designed for it. This allows the saucer to find and capture enemy units. Consider the above comments about the economy. Imagine the Osprey holding the line and pulling ahead as you repair units and keep them alive. The saucer doing double damage to the enemy with each unit they capture. If that doesn't make sense please see the Saucer guide linked below. I explains what I mean.

If you are super sneaky and a little bit daring, you can use the Higgs Boson particle and boosters, gain a few levels and this allows you to triple carry tanks. You move slow already and at max carrying capacity it is risky, if you die that is a lot to lose. If you drop three tanks anywhere that is unprepared for them. You have created a crisis for the enemy. If their crisis management is not perfect or at least really effective. The damage will be severe. The minimum is that as they deal with the tanks you can build up a bigger army, harass from other angles, snipe an outpost or simply shore up your defenses so they become harder and harder to break.

I hope this has been helpful, please post any suggestions or improvements in the comments!


What is your favorite Osprey skin?

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    • profile image

      Knomo Seikei 

      6 years ago

      I wanted to vote for my favorite Osprey but i couldn't because Easter Osprey is missing!


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