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An Amazing Way To Make Money on Fifa 12

Updated on June 7, 2012

This is the main method I use to make coins on Fifa 12 Ultimate Team. It is a simple and easy method to do that can make you lots of money very quickly.

What You Need

To do this method you need at least 15k. If you have more than 150k you should be able to make roughly 10k a day if you get some good deals. You need to either have a second account open to check the prices of players or you can just use the Database at:

Search Credentials

You need to put your minimum search price at 9k and you maximum search price to your amount of coins, if you have less than 35k but if you have more just leave it at 35k. You should gradually increase your maximum price whenever you have 4 times the amount of coins that you are putting as a maximum price. Do not put any Buy Now prices in.

How to do the Method

What you need to do is look for inform players or players at least 86 rated and search them in the database if they look like they are going for a decent price. You should look in the Xbox 360 Trading if you are on xbox or whatever console you use. Do not look in the player database as the prices there are less accurate. When you search the player click on the player’s name and a graph should appear. If the middle line is going up then place a bid on the player but if it is going down then that means the player’s value is decreasing so you should not bid on him.

Trading Tips

Not including tax, for any player worth less than 30k you should aim to make at least 3k profit without tax. As the value of player rises so does the tax so watch out for that.

Always make sure that you click on the correct version of the player in the database as it is a better version of the player then they will not be worth as much and you will probably make a loss.

I tend to put them up so that when the timer expires I can relist them almost immediately.

When you list a player you should always make sure that the Buy Now price is no more than 1000 coins higher than the start price because if someone finds your player they will buy him with the Buy Now price instead of waiting 10 hours to save 500 coins.

If your player does not sell after a day then check to see what the lowest Buy Now on the market is and undercut that buy a few hundred coins.

Do not be worried if you keep losing bids as if you are buying players for cheaper than normal people may also want him. If you place 10 bids you will probably win 2 or 3 of them. Keep going through the pages until you either run out of money, run out of bid tokens or the time remaining for the players is more than 5 minutes as you are likely to get out bid if it is any higher.

With 300k I can make around 80k profit, including tax, a week with a couple of hours or so trading a week. Always try and keep at least 20k in reserve to trade with when buying a player for your squad so that you will be able to trade your way up to the next player with more than a couple of thousand coins.

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