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Fifa 12 Ultimate Team Hybrid Long Shot Squad

Updated on July 23, 2012

This is my favourite squad for scoring amazing Long Shot Goals on Fifa 12 Ultimate Team. It is played in a 4-5-1 and it includes In Forms and players from the Bundesliga and Barclays Premier Leage. It is a very expensive squad but it is worth it for some of the goals that you can score.

GK: Neuer: 87- 11k

This is the upgraded Neuer who is a very strong keeper who is the second highest rated non in-form keeper in the game. He has 92 Diving, 88 Reflexes, 82 Handling, 82 Positioning and 92 Kicking. His high kicking stat means that when he catches the ball from corners he can kick it very far up the pitch for your striker to run onto. He is German and plays for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

RB: Johnson: 83- 48k

This is the in-form Johnson and he has 84 longshots which means that, with his 88 Pace and 83 Dribbling, he can run up the right wing and power in a longshot. He is a very attacking based Right Back so beware that he may not be very far back if your opponents get a counter attack but his pace means that he can get back quite quickly. He is English and plays for Liverpool in the Barclays PL.

CB: Naldo: 84- 73k

This is the Second In-From Naldo who has an amazing 99 longshots. If the opposing keeper catches it from a corner and throws it out Naldo can control it and power a shot in from quite far out. He is a strong centre back who can head the ball quite well. Although he has a large price tag he is a very powerful defender and he links up with Neuer and his fellow Centre Back. He is Brazilian and plays for Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga.

CB: Felipe Santana: 80- 39k

This is the inform version of Felipe Santana and he has 81 longshots. He is mostly there so that he can link up with Naldo and Neuer. He is a decent centre back but is there for chemistry reasons more than anything and he is an alright player. He is also Brazilian and plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

LB: Taylor: 78- 24k

This is the Team of the week version of Taylor and he has an incredible 97 longshots. He is a good player, very under rated and is quite cheap compared to some of the other members of the defence. He is English and plays for Newcastle in the Barclays PL.

LM: Bale: 86- 8k

Bale is an incredibly fast player. He has 92 pace and has 89 longshots. He is quite good at crossing, dribbling and has quite a good shot. He is Welsh and plays for Tottenham Hotspurs in the Barclays PL.

CM: Schweinstager: 87- 11k

You may have to pay more for Schweinstager because you are getting him in the CM position. He has incredible longshots with 92 longshots and is very good at free kicks. He is German and plays for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and will link up with Naldo and Filipe Santana.

CAM: Gerrard: 87- 16k

Gerrard is one of my favourite players in Ultimate Team and has the best Power Free Kick for a no in form card. His free kicks have 95 power and he has 90 longshots. He does not have much pace but can hold his own in midfield. He is English and plays for Liverpool in the Barclays PL.

CAM: Lampard: 87- 30k

Lampard is very similar to Gerrard. He also has 90 long shots and has a very powerful Power Free Kick, but not quite as good as Gerrard’s. He is quite strong and can do good crosses and passes. He is also English and plays for Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League.

RM: Ben Arfa: 84- 133k/ Larsson: 80-14k

This is the Second In Form Ben Arfa and the In From Larsson. The reason I put two options in for this position is because Ben Arfa costs an awful lot but is much, much better than Larsson. He has 5 Star Skills, 91 longshots, 90 pace and 91 dribbling. He has a powerful shot and one of the best finesse shots in the game. He is French and plays for Newcastle in the Barclays PL.

Larsson is much worse but also a lot cheaper. He has 76 pace, 79 dribbling and 88 longshots. He is Swedish and plays for Sunderland in the Barclays PL.

ST: Robin Van Persie: 88- 47k

Van Persie is a great lone striker who has an amazing shot and 99 long shots. He is not the paciest of strikers and has a respectable 74 strength which is not amazing but it is more than quite a lot of players. He has 94 Ball Control meaning that his close control is excellent and he has a 4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. With his 99 finishing he does get a lot of goals. He is from the Netherlands and plays for Arsenal in the Barclays PL.

This squad is not cheap costing around 440k with Ben Arfa and 321k with Larsson. These are prices for xbox and on PS3 the squad costs even more but you can get some amazing goals with it.

Who Is Your Favourite Player In The Squad?

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    • BazzaBomb profile image


      6 years ago

      No worries and I agree that they couldn't fit in.

    • Mini Man Me profile imageAUTHOR

      Mini Man Me 

      6 years ago

      @aaron- no, i didnt know about him, if you can fit him into a squad then he would probably get some good goals for you

      @BazzaBomb- Thank You for the continued support, Gerrard is one of my favourite players in the game. Roberto Carlos and Beckham do have good longshots and free kicks as well but this was a mix between Prem and Bundesliga so they couldnt fit in.

    • BazzaBomb profile image


      6 years ago

      Another good hub, I personally like Gerrard's shooting the best out of all of these players, and I know it is a Bundesliga and Premier League squad but Roberto Carlo also has brilliant long range shots and so does Beckham.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      you guys do know that normal quagirella has 94 long shots?


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