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Pink Pig Fairings, Souvenirs, German Collectibles

Updated on May 18, 2014

Pink Pig Fairings

Fairings were named for these whimsical figurines because they were purchased at town, state and world fairs as souvenirs.

Made in Germany, most were mass produced but some were molded individually as original designs. The pig and bear were the most popular production designs. The pig was considered lucky and a sign of wealth to Germans and the bear was all the rage at the time in America because of the Teddy Bear, named after Teddy Roosevelt.

A few things that should be noted about fairings and their production dates. It is generally believed that fairings that have a molded "Made in Germany" mark were produced because of Britain's Merchandise Act of 1887. The McKinley Tariff took effect in 1890 so it may be the reason that some fairings have a stamped "Made in Germany" mark. But any fairing without either of these marks still could have been produced up to the year 1910.

Some fairings have sayings or cities and states emblazoned on them - these additions were made in American factories.

The only known reference for these fairings is a book entitled "This Little Piggy A Celebration of German Porcelain Novelties" published in 1994 and written by Cynthia Gaskill. The book is still available at but unfortunately the pricing guide is from 1992 but it's still a great reference. Thus the reason for this blog. I'm noting each item whether it is rare or common and it reflects whether I've seen the item on ebay 10 or more times.

One more note about condition. In some descriptions you may see "flea bites" or nibbles to the ears of the pigs. This condition doesn't necessarily make the piece less valuable unless one or more of the whole ear is missing. Some figures also have hairline cracks - these are only a problem if they bother the purchaser. Many times they are in back or bottom and aren't noticeable in the display. Watch for brightly painted figures - these have been retouched and have lost their value. Most figures have a green patina with white background and the pigs are pink. Question the seller about retouching if you have any doubts before buying.

My passion began when I inherited 2 little pigs - one in a teacup and one in a top hat from my grandmother. I have spent the last 4 years buying and researching these lovely figurines and would like to pass my knowledge along to you with updated prices of fairings that have sold on ebay.

I am breaking the fairings down by category and since the pig and bear fairings are so numerous I'm going to break them down into even smaller categories so hopefully you will be able to locate the fairing more quickly. As I find more examples, I'll add them to this collection.

Pink pig Fairing
Pink pig Fairing
Molded Made in Germany Mark
Molded Made in Germany Mark
Stamped Made in Germany Mark
Stamped Made in Germany Mark


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    • kathylray profile image

      kathylray 3 years ago

      It definitely sounds like you have an authentic fairing. The only dish with the round orange symbol that you mention that appears in "This little piggy" book is with 2 bears on a round dish with the symbol. It sounds like a rare one to me. Try looking for it on ebay - it's a pretty good resource for finding fairings. Congratulations - you're probably going to get hooked on these adorable little guys.

    • Heather Haviland profile image

      Heather Haviland 3 years ago from Noblesville, Indiana

      I have a dish, recently inherited, and it's two pigs sitting on a green dish with that orange round symbol on it. I have looked and looked for it online but am unable to find anyone who also has it. Could this be a rare german pink pig? would love to find out!