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Borderlands 2 Safe and Sound Quest

Updated on October 25, 2012

Borderlands 2 Defeat Blue

Borderlands 2 Defeat Blue in Safe and Sound Quest
Borderlands 2 Defeat Blue in Safe and Sound Quest

Head back to Sanctuary Hole

In Borderlands 2, the safe and sound quest is an optional quest issued by Marcus. Marcus’s safe at the Old Sanctuary has been compromised and taken by bandits. The hero must rescue the safe and at the same time help himself to some of Marcus’s finest weapons and loot. This is a level 28 or so quest, and allows the hero to get good level 28 weapons to bring into the fight against the really nasty big loader. This will guide the hero on how to complete the safe and sound quest.

Get this quest from Marcus. Then the hero needs to use the Sanctuary fast travel point to travel back to Three Horns Divide (long time ago now). From Three Horns Divide, head back into Sanctuary Hole – the place vacated by Sanctuary when Scooter and Lilith the Firehawk made it fly away.

Borderlands 2 Defeat the Squatters at Sanctuary Hole

At Sanctuary Hole, the hero must defeat the bandit squatters to move on and also fulfill the optional part of this optional side quest – defeating 25/25 bandits. This is an excellent chance for the hero to try out some tactics against the caustic goliaths. This will allow the hero to practice and also use the goliaths to defeat the other bandits.

So arm yourself with a sniper weapon and do a headshot on the caustic goliath. Transform it into an enraged goliath and then transform it again into a badass goliath and then a super badass goliath by taking headshots after headshots at the goliath. Back away and allow the other bandits to weaken the goliath. Then spring forth and take out the goliath when it is sufficiently weakened.

The key in Sanctuary Hole is to reach the lift and turn the wheel to lower one into the Caustic Caverns. Marcus’s safe lies within the Caustic Caverns.

Borderlands 2 Get to Marcus’s loot in Caustic Caverns

Within Caustic Caverns, the hero will face level 28 crystalisks. No easy task, as the crystalisk’s crystal explosives will put down the hero outright if he gets hit. Before starting this area, look at the map and then plan the route to Marcus’s safe. This is needed to avoid the crystalisk attacks and also get past the caustic streams and areas. This will cause corrosive damage for the hero and weaken the hero so much that he does not stand any chance against the crystalisks. However, if the hero plans his route properly, then he will reach Marcus’s safe. Just as he is about to grab hold of the loot, it moves!

Borderlands 2 Defeat Blue

To defeat Blue, run back to the caverns just before the hero reached Blue. Within the cavern, some of Blue’s attacks cannot reach the hero. However, Blue can still throw out miniature explosive crystalisks. These are mobile mini crysalisks which will attack the hero. And they will explode around the hero. Defeat them in the way one would defeat a crysalisk (hit the vulnerable spots) and then concentrate on Blue. Defeat Blue and retrieve Marcus’s safe.

Note that there are some chests along the way to Marcus’s safe. These can be looted to get even more weapons.


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