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Broken Sword Director's Cut App For iPhone - Tips, Hints, Cheats, Walkthrough

Updated on January 16, 2012

Broken Sword Director’s Cut is a game app for the iPhone or iPad. If you are looking for tips, hints, help or cheats for broken sword director’s cut, then you have come to the right place. Here we will have a review of the game, look at how to play the game and then look at some handy hints and tips to help you when you play the broken sword app.

Broken sword directors cut is produced by Revolution Software Limited. The app came out back in September 2010 and has had rave reviews ever since. Broken sword is a point-and-click adventure game where you follow two characters on their adventures. This game was recently nominated for a BAFTA and has been a massive hit with players all over the world. The graphics are spell binding, the story exciting and the game play top notch. This really is a stunning game that is well worth downloading on the iPhone or iPad.

Game Snapshot

The Story


The story of broken sword starts off in Paris. A prominent French politician has been murdered under suspicious circumstances. You now play the role of Nico Collard, a journalist who was just about to interview the politician when the murder took place. Nico Collard has been investigating a series of murders in which the killer was dressed in costume, this one is no exception as the killer is posing as a mime artist. Along with Nico an American called George Stobbart who is currently on vacation in Paris gets involved in the story and you also play his character.

Now it’s your job to solve the crimes. With George and Nico you travel all over the world looking for clues to solve this riddle. You use touch and tap technology to explore crime scenes, build up a character profiles and then ultimately solve the mystery. Along the way you will encounter various puzzles, confusing situations, jokes and some stunning locations that make this game really enjoyable.

One Of The Puzzles

Tips, Hints & Cheats

When it comes to tips and hints for the broken sword app, to be honest the game is all about patience and learning as you go. Some of the puzzles and riddles are quite easy to solve whereas other really require a little bit more thinking. There are a few walkthroughs you can look up online, but to be honest I think these spoil the game somewhat. As of yet there are no cheats available for the game that I am aware of, as this is quite a new app it may be that some are added in the future. But for now the game is pretty fair in the fact that there are no real cheats for the broken sword directors cut app. There are also some help files out there for broken sword which may make things a little easier if you are struggling with certain areas of the game.

Get Your Free Download

Currently broken sword directors cut is free to download from the app store. This is a real bargain as it’s such a wonderful game with so much to enjoy. It’s unclear if this will remain a free download for very long, it may just be a brief special offer. If you do want to download broken sword, be aware that it is a very large file. 353mb’s to be precise, this means that an iPhone with a smaller memory may struggle somewhat. You may find you have to delete some other apps to make room for broken sword.

The game is rated as 12+. There are some slightly mature themes in this which include the use of mild drugs, tobacco and alcohol. There is also some occasional mild nudity, some crude humour and some fantasy violence. That said it’s generally quite a tame game and I doubt it will offend many people.

Overall this really is a stunning game. The graphics are beautiful, the story captivating and the game play enthralling. If you do download broken sword the directors cut you will be instantly hooked. This is the kind of adventure game that will keep you guessing for hours on end, there is always something new to challenge players and plenty to keep you going. Download broken sword the directors cut and you will not be disappointed.


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