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Buy The Best Board Game-Scrabble the Greatest Word Game

Updated on November 6, 2010


Scrabble is the ultimate word game and is a great way to improve your vocabulary and education. All generations can get together to play Scrabbble, it's a great family game and no home should be without a Scrabble board whether there are only adults or adults and children!

Alfred Mosher Butts had already created a game called Lexiko in the early 1930's and by 1938 he updated the game to Criss-Crosswords a  board game in the style of a crossword,  from the earlier word game he invented.Unfortunately for Butts ,he struggled to market the game.

By 1948, James Brunot had bought the rights to manufacture the updated game, and Butts  was set to receive royalties on all the games that were sold. Brunot made a few changes and Scrabble as we know it was invented in 1949. When the game was placed in Macy's store in 1952 sales went through the roof as it became the must have game.James Brunot eventually sold out to the bigger games manufacturers and Scrabble is now sold word wide.

Play Scrabble

Scrabble is easy to play, to start with you have a bag of tiles (letters),4 racks.instruction book and the scrabble board. Two to four players can play ,and Scrabble consists of forming interlocking words rather like a crossword on the squared board , where there are also bonus squares. The object of the game is to get the highest score.

It is not always about having the longest words, (although you get a bonus for using all your tiles)you should also have a good knowledge of two and three letter words.

Scrabble Today

There are now many variations and themes of the original Scrabble game. As well as an excellent Scrabble Junior edition you can buy games based on TV character's and various entertainment themes,.There is even a chocolate version!

Of course in this modern world Scrabble can be played on line and on mobiles, ther is also versions for all the popular games consoles.

Basically Scrabble is still the game it was  a wonderful game which will live on in board game history and will surely entertain families for a good few years yet to come.


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      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

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