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Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide (Final Part)

Updated on January 13, 2011

Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide

This is the final part of the weapons list guide for Black Ops Zombie mode. This part will have some of the worst & best weapons that you can acquire. The winters howl can not be obtained on the Kino Der Toten map though. You can only get it on the five pentagon map.

Weapon 24: L96A1

Description: A semi-automatic scoped sniper rifle. Initially, this is a powerful gun, but is not good to hold the entire game. It simply does not have enough fire power, ammo. etc.

Upgraded Form : L115 Isolater More damage, larger clip, and quicker scope view.


Weapon 25: Dragunov

Description: A semi-automatic sniper rifle, similar to L96A1, but less powerful.

Upgraded Form : D115 Disassembler More damage, and faster scope view


Weapon 26 : Galil

Description: A fully-automatic assault rifle. This is one of the best assault rifles you can get. In my opinion, its the best. This weapon has a moderate amount of ammo, and good damage. Zombies can be taken out quite quickly, and you can rack up points.

Upgraded Form : Lemantation Becomes equipped with precision sight, and increased damage. This is a very good weapon to upgraded. It may remind you of the machine guns like the HK or RPK, only difference, it has less ammo, and you can run faster with it.


Weapon 27 : HS 10

Description: A semi-automatic shotgun similar to SPAS. This weapon needs to be frequently reloaded, and does not have a lot of ammo. However, it is very strong at close range.

Upgraded : Typhoid & Mary Becomes dual wielded, stronger damage, and larger magazine in both shotguns. This is a VERY good upgrade, however, the accuracy is not good. You can shoot with one shotgun, while reloading with the other. Good for close range, not medium or long.


Black Ops Zombies Weapon List Guide

Weapon 28: Ray Gun

Description: A fantasy pistol that shoots powerful rays. This is one of the most powerful weapons even when not upgraded. You can run fast, and kill zombies quickly. This weapon often makes crawlers though. (This can be a good thing if your trying to make them)

Upgraded Form : Porter's X2 Ray Gun Becomes much stronger, and has a larger clip. This is a great gun to keep throughout the game, but you can get hurt by the rays if your to close to a zombie or object.


Weapon 29: Winters Howl

Description: A fantasy weapon that freezes zombies. This is effective to use in conjunction with your team mates. Freeze the zombies, then your team mates can shoot them which results in them exploding!

Upgraded: Winters Howl Longer freeze, and large clip.


Weapon 30 : Thundergun

Description: A fantasy cannon weapon that has a large blast wave when shot. When you shoot this weapon, it will blow all the zombies backwards that are in front of you! It will usually kill them, unless you're in the higher rounds. (Only has 2 shots per clip, but is VERY EFFECTIVE for taking out huge groups of zombies.) (Horrible for individual zombies as it's a waste of ammo)\

Upgraded Form : Zeus Cannon More blast damage, and x2 more ammo per clip. This is a great gun, the most powerful, but should only be used for large groups of zombies, or in case of emergencies. Otherwise, you will run out of ammo, essentially the only problem with it.


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