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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Tips and How To Play Hardcore Game Modes Online

Updated on January 31, 2015


In this guide I will teach you tips and strategies to follow when you are going to play hardcore game modes online. I will go over weapons, perks, kill streaks, and play strategies that will help you succeed when you are going to attempt and play Hardcore Game modes on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

If you have any questions you can comment at the bottom of the page. You can also message me directly on Twitter @

I also have a Youtube Channel where I post tips, videos, and help for Call of Duty, and other video games. To visit my Youtube channel just click HERE

What are Hardcore Game Modes

Hardcore Game modes in Call of Duty series refers to a set playlist that offers players a chance to play a more realistic side of the video game. Here players have minimal health so if you get shot chances are you will die, unlike core where you can get shot multiple times before dying. Also there is no health regeneration meaning that if you get shot in the lower body, and do survive you will be injured and the next shot will most likely kill you. In core game modes or game modes that are not specified as hardcore players can regenerate health over time, and will continue to regenerate health each time you are shot and not killed. Another aspect of Hardcore that separates this game style from core is that there is no HUD. This means there in no mini map on the screen allowing players to see where they are, and potentially where the enemy team is. You will need to get an UAV in order to see where the enemy is on the map. Personally I have been playing hardcore game modes since Call of Duty 4, and have played very little core. The only time i stray away from hardcore is when playing games not available to hardcore players like Uplink in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Although I still find that hardcore game modes are the most fun to play in Call of Duty.

Tips for Playing Hardcore Game Modes

FIRST - Choosing the right weapons. When you are playing hardcore game modes any weapon can be effective as it does not take many bullets to kill the enemy. My personal favorite weapon is the HBR3 Assault Rifle as this weapon has low recoil and is good at short and long range. None the less any weapon can be effective when playing this game mode if used properly. I personally do not suggest using sniper rifles, or shotguns. Typically in hardcore game modes these weapons may kill in one shot, but players can also easily take you out if you are running with a shotgun especially from a longer range.

SECOND - Perks to use. There are perks that are especially necessary when you are playing hardcore game modes. Because of the effectiveness of grenade launchers in hardcore it is a MUST that you wear flak jacket at all times when playing hardcore. This will help protect you from most grenades that are thrown at you. Another important perk to use is the Low Profile perk. This will allow you to be immune when a UAV pops up. Since UAV is the only way you can be seen anyway, using the low profile will keep you hidden as UAV is the most common score streak for players to use in hardcore game modes. For your perk 2 slot I personally suggest Blind Eye. With a lot of players getting better at the game using blind eye will allow you to be immune from their score streaks that players will call in that are better than a UAV. Out of the perk 3 slot I personally suggest using hardwired. This perk will keep you immune to many of the random things players use in hardcore game modes like the system hack. You will be able to still see, and play normally throughout the game.

THIRD - Kill Streaks to use. The kill streaks that I personally suggest using include the UAV first. The UAV is very important because this gives you, and your team a view of the map, enemy players, and shows you where your teammates are as well. This can be very useful in hardcore game modes, and if a UAV is up for the whole game because every player on a team is using one, then I have all faith that the team will win the game 9 out of 10 times. Another important perk to use is the care package. With the care package you will be able to get higher upgraded score streaks that will save you the effort from trying to get them. Not to mention many maps have special features that can only be obtained or used through receiving the kill streak through a care package. For instance the walker tanks on the map Comeback. Lastly you kill streak should be the best item that you can obtain game after game. Personally I typically will use the Paladin with extended time. This way I have the Paladin in the air for almost 1 minute, and am able to get a decent amount of kills while in the air.

FOURTH - Don't get kicked. If you team kill 3 enemies throughout the course of 1 game you will be removed from the game. This prevents players from trolling within the game. At the same time a player must be careful because you can accidentally get kicked from the game which can be very frustrating. If you do get kicked you will also lose any match bonus XP, and this game will count as a loss.

FIFTH - Strategies to use. When you are playing call of duty using specific strategies can be very beneficial. For instance, when playing domination, laying down on the B target will get you 150 points per kill, and you will typically see a lot of action. You will quickly get all your kill streaks even if you are using 1000+ point kill streaks. You should have no problem getting these streaks if played correctly. Hardcore game mode is also excellent for going for royalty weapons. because of how easy it is to kill an enemy, it is very beneficial to attempt your head shots, and your other challenges on these game modes.


Overall I think hardcore game modes are the most fun game modes to play, and typically require the most skill in order to be successful at Call of Duty. None the less if you want to chat below you can do so in the comment section. Also I have posted some of my other Call of Duty guides above in the links, and post videos fairly frequently on Youtube so check that out as well!


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