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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 How to Improve your WIN Ratio ( BO2 )

Updated on November 22, 2012


In this guide I will talk about ways that you can improve your win ratio. In that I will reference how and what games you should play to increase your win ratio to the max, along with tips for being successful at raising that win ratio.

Before I get started let me say that if you like what you see then feel free to check out my twitter @Johnrr631992 where i post all my guides as I write them. Also feel free to click on my profile to check out all the guides that I have already posted.

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What is the win ratio

The win ratio is a summary of how many games you win to how many games you lose. Having a 1.0 win ratio means that for every game you win, you also lose a game. This is not a good nor bad ratio. While you can reset your stats at any prestige, and you can start this number from scratch. To some this number is more important than a K/d ratio. With that being said let me talk about ways to improve this number.

Game Modes

Keep in mind that some game modes will help you better than others. But at the same time you need to play to your strengths. if you are very good at killing then you playing objective based games will not improve your win ratio. With that being said, if you play killing games, but are a more team oriented person who can capture, then killing games may not be your strength.

Either way, if you are the killer type, then try free for all. I prefer hardcore, but core is just as well, and as long as you come in the top three it will count as a win. While this takes away from the whole camping strategy, this is a great way for you to simply get the kills needed, and take the wins to build that ratio back up.

Team deathmatch is good if you want to put in a little less effort, but still put in a win. With free for all you have to do all the work to win, team deathmatch you can rely a little less on your team.

If you are not as good with kills, then the next step is objective based games. Domination is a good game for you to win on, and a lot of people who play this attempt to go just for kills. So with that being said, this makes domination a good game for you to play on the objective side if you want to attempt and bring that win ratio up.

Most of the core objective based games are full of teams that are focused solely on kills, so if you get a team together who wants to win, this will be NO PROBLEM.

If you are going to play hardcore most teams are going to focus more on the side of winning. You will see a lot better players on this side, as many people focus on this side of the gameplay as a means to win, and meet better teams, and this overall can be a much better experience at playing Call of Duty.

Importance of a Team.

The importance of a team, can mean the difference between a .8 win ratio, and a 3.5 win ratio. Playing with a team, allows everyone to communicate, play off each other strength, and know that someone is not going to screw the team over by hiding in an area that will not help the team. With that being said, finding a team can be difficult. There are thousands out there, and you can find them everywhere. Within the game, on gamebattles, in lobbies, through other friends, or even on sites like this. As I said above I have started a team that consists of players that will play together, and help each other achieve their goals. But overall the importance of a team is crucial when building any stat on this game. This makes it easy for you to achieve goals, win games, build that K/D, and take your gaming to a whole new level.


When you are choosing guns to use in raising your win ratio it really falls down to specific game modes. So if you have a question I would advise asking below in the comments, BUT overall play off your strengths. If you run around a lot use a gun like a sub machine gun that will allow you to take advantage of your strengths. If you like to camp more, then use a light machine gun which packs a great punch, and has a LOT of firepower, and large clip. Assault rifles also work great on this game.

Sniper rifles are good to use, but give an unfair advantage, that once fixed will take a lot more skill to use. Therefore I do not suggest using this weapon. Once they are fixed they will be more difficult to use not to mention as of now they do give an unfair advantage. So while it annoys me that people are using these, I think people do need to stop using them.

Overall guns are only as effective as the player who uses them. So essentially they are all equal, and it is how you use them. Some will be more effective than others, but overall an ineffective gun can take down even the most overpowered. So keep in mind that you need to build your skills to be the most effective you possibly can.


So overall raising your win ratio is a matter of a group of things intertwined. You need a team, the right weapon, the right game mode, and following a good strategy if you want to be able to raise your win ratio to where you think it is good enough. Remember while some clans require a certain win ratio, it is what you make of it that means anything. If you don't care then it means nothing. Remember to have fun while playing and don't obsess over something that can simply be changed by adding a prestige token.

So once again feel free to comment, ask questions, let me know what you think below, and feel free to check out my other guides.. Thanks.


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