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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Guide / TIPS for ALL Zombie Maps and Modes

Updated on May 8, 2013


In this guide I will talk about strategies that can be applied to all maps, and game modes for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies. I will talk about what you should do, and ways to play the game that will give you the greatest chances of success. This will be also including the best weapons, and other things you should know when playing the game.

Before I get to the guide, let me say that I will be posting a LOT of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guides, and that they will cover vast amount of topics within the game. For you to stay on top of them, and know when i am publishing these, please feel free to follow me on Twitter @Johnrr631992, or ...

Also I am available to answer questions within the game, my gamer tag is MKS JohnR... space between the two.

ALSO I have started a clan with my co-leader, and it is primarily for Call of Duty games, for information on that head on over to

What is Zombies on Black Ops 2

Zombies refers to the game mode on Black Ops 2, which allows you to face against the undead. Originally the zombies on the old game modes would put you into a location, and you had to try and survive as long as possible. Later on in the Call of Duty franchise they began adding more to the game including bigger maps, hidden unlocks known as Easter Eggs, and made the games extremely in depth. When you look at Black Ops 2 zombies, things are now more complex than ever. The new game modes, and enormous maps allow players to face more struggles when attempting to survive for high rounds. So throughout this guide I will give you guys some strategies to follow that will hopefully allow you to survive higher rounds, and start off on a better note than you normally would.

Tips for Zombies Game Modes

When you are playing zombies on Black Ops 2, then you are going to want to follow a number of things in the beginning that will set you up for the game. Remember having a good start, and making the right moves can be crucial to getting further in the end, so that's where my tips will start off.

KNIFING IN THE BEGINNING - When you start the first round you should ALWAYS knife. This will get you the most amount of points per kill in the first few rounds of a game. This is extremely important, because otherwise you will simply be wasting ammo. For the second round, IF you buy a local weapon off the wall, then buy the rifle which will allow you to shoot a zombie in the chest, and finish them with a knife. This will then get you more points in the second round. ALTHOUGH I highly suggest in the second round that you use your pistol, and shoot each zombies 3-4 times in the chest, and finish with a knife, which will truly allow you to get the most points out of each kill.

DON'T WASTE MONEY IN THE BEGINNING - Don't buy unnecessary things in the beginning. Remember that in high rounds you will have an abundance of money, so wasting money in the beginning can be a crucial blow to the overall outcome of a game. I always suggest saving as much money as possible and attempting to find the mystery box as soon as possible which will allow you to upgrade weapons, and set yourself up for the entire game.

BE ORGANIZED - Before going into a game be organized. Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Unless it is your first time playing a map, you should know exactly what path you are going to take, what you will need to do and what steps to take in order to accomplish your goal. Not being organized can easily put you into sticky situation in rounds as early as 5.

CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON WISELY - When you are playing zombies i have seen countless times some players who will focus greatly on buying both guns in the starting room, a gun on the next room, another gun on the next room, claymores, semtex grenades, and everything else on the walls. Keep in mind that in the beginning you should be focusing on getting to the mystery box UNLESS you plan on pack a punching one of the guns you have picked up off the wall, and that is in your organizational plan. IF not, then wait until the mystery box, and don't simply blow money on wall items.

GET JUG - Get juggernog as soon as possible. Do not wait around until later rounds. This will hurt you, if you do not have it. Therefore this should be a key focus on early rounds in order to help you throughout the game, and when you are playing. The same goes for the other perks that you think are necessary, BUT Jug is a perk you should have as soon as you can get to the location where that perk is.

Weapon Tips

Obviously weapons and perks are the most important parts of zombies, so let me talk about some tips for choosing the right weapons on Zombies.

FIRST - The first tip is finding the wonder weapons. Whether it is the blundergat, the sliquifier, or whichever weapons in zombies will give you an edge on that specific map I suggest finding, and getting. These are put on the map for a reason, and each in its own will give special powers to players who wield these weapons.

SECOND - The high magazine and ammo weapons. You should always have a weapon that has a high magazine capacity, and allows you to have a lot of bullets for fighting zombies. Especially if you are going to build a horde and lay into them. Having a light machine gun can be crucial to helping you take out a large quantity of zombies with a small amount of effort.

THIRD - The ray gun. I also highly suggest getting the ray gun which will allow you to survive significantly further in the zombies game mode. This is probably going to force you to have to buy mule kick in some circumstances, but having a wonder weapon, ray gun, and LMG will be the perfect set up to allow you to survive higher rounds, and survive longer on the zombies game mode.

FOURTH - Pack a punch. Pack a punch is crucial at later rounds because regular ammo is not effective on zombies at a certain point. That doesn't mean regular bullets won't work, BUT a pack a punched LMG bullet will cause three times the damage of a regular bullet. So I highly suggest pack a punching as soon as you have your perks, and weapons of choice.


When you are going to play zombies, on top of having good weapons, having the right perks can be crucial to survival. Depending on your play style some perks are more useful than others, but most importantly you are going to need Juggernog. This is crucial to your overall survival on the game.

The next perk that I suggest is Speed Cola which will allow you to reload your weapon significantly quicker. This will allow you to reload larger weapons with ease, and continue to take out the zombies throughout the game.

Mule kick is important on higher rounds as it will allow you to have a 3rd weapon, and allow you to survive for a significantly longer time. Therefore I suggest getting that perk with Jug, and Speed Cola.

As far as your fourth natural perk, meaning without getting them all with completed Easter Eggs or doing special tricks... I suggest that you look to get Double tap for my play style. Especially if you have pack a punched guns, as this will allow you to effectively take out zombies more effectively.

Strategy Tips

Okay so the most important part about strategy throughout the game.

FIRST - When you are playing zombies I personally suggest doing the Horde Strategy. The Horde strategy refers to building a train of zombies, allowing them to follow you, and then laying into them with a ray gun, or LMG. This will mean finding a location to run in a circle, and allowing zombies to build up in order to kill them in a horde. ALTHOUGH every map I have played has a way for you to create a horde, and if you have questions about this you can check any one of my many zombies guides that have been written for essentially every zombies maps. Each one shows you locations that you can run a circle horde, and kill zombies by the mass amount.

SECOND - If the horde method won't work, or you are playing with a team, then find an effective camping spot on a map, or effective strategy that will allow each teammate to use their strengths, weapons and perks to help you survive for longer amounts of time.

THIRD - The crawler / sprinter. IF you are going for the easter egg, or are trying to get perks, and better weapons, then create a crawler or sprinter. Crawlers used to be extremely effective in early zombies as they would allow you to do whatever you wanted for unlimited amounts of time with a crawler Although with recent updates, and newer maps, crawlers will die after a set number of time. Therefore the new method is simply leave the last living zombie alive, and do what is needed. If you are playing with a team, then leaving one person to entertain the zombie is the most effective strategy, but if by yourself, just let him chase you around the map.

Some of MY Zombies Gameplay

MY Gameplay from Mob of the Dead Rounds 17-20


Overall zombies is a very entertaining game mode, and good change of pace to playing multiplayer. I expect in the future that Treyarch will probably make a zombies only game, as a LOT of people are playing zombies, and it is extremely popular, but who knows. Either way, thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed, or have your own tips comment below. Also, if you enjoyed my videos don't forget to subscribe as I post a LOT of new content constantly here and on Youtube..


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    • profile image

      Assassinezio990 3 years ago

      Nice tip but I suggest you get quick revive on solo as the first perk you get it s the cheapest when you're playing solo but if you don't get down very often I'll suggest double tap and staminup as staminup help you when you're doing trainings.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yah making enough in the beginning is essential.. I try to waste my pistol ammo in the first round, then in the second shoot 1 M14 round into the zombie, and knife them..

    • profile image

      Wraith 4 years ago

      I know (well, I'm pretty sure) I posted this (or something similar) on one of your Black Ops (1) zombies guides, but what I prefer to do is, if possible, get all the initial zombies lined up, shoot the first zombie four times (trying to hit all the zombies with each bullet), knife the front zombie, then repeat down the line. If not, shoot each zombie four times as it comes up, then knife. If you don't buy a gun for wave two, you can shoot them each eight times before you knife them, assuming you've still got the starting pistol.

      Another thing to note: unlike what I've stated on your Nuketown Zombies guide, the sniper rifles actually DO shoot straight. . . as long as you're scoped in. XD (Brutus takes a few clips, but if you've got room, try spamming a few rounds into his head.)