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Clash Of Clans How To Get Free Gems Fast

Updated on July 28, 2014

Clash of Clans - Getting Free Gems

Ok so like many other guys you've been playing Clash of Clans for a while and you've come to the realization that you need some of those gems VERY BADLY. Let's face it the whole game is centered around getting you to want gems and getting you to buy them, and many of us do it, because we're so addicted and we feel like we have no choice!

Well I've spent quite some time playing this game so far, even bought some gems at some point with real money, and did my own research on how to get free gems. The real truth is that aren't any magical way or "Cheat" that will get you unlimited free gems.

BUT I have found the BEST way to get free gems consistently. Its completely legit and there's nothing weird about it. It's a reward system called "FeaturePoints". You basically download free Apps & try them for 30 seconds on your IOS or Android Device and you get rewarded for them via a Point System.

Click Here to Get Started NOW!

How it Works

You will be downloading apps and trying them on your device for 30 seconds, and then getting an amount of points as a reward. Once you reach 3000 points (which takes about 7-14 days on average) you can instantly redeem 5.00 USD via Paypal (or more if you wait longer).

With 6000 Points you can also get a 10.00USD Itunes Gift Card Code which you can use to get gems directly!

You can then use that to buy gems without actually costing you anything.

Also you can redeem many other things such as Starbucks, Xbox, Playstation network, amazon, etc

Here's a few screenshots below that you can see.

Feature points



The other amazing thing that you can do with FeaturePoints is you can refer friends and you then then 50% of all the points they download! This is amazing to build up a nice stream of points on its own.


Additional Ways To Get Gems

One of the best ways to get a good boost early on is to reach 1250 trophies fast, mainly by tackling easy bases & destroying lone Town Halls. That will give you an early boost. You really don't want to waste your gems early on, if you want to loot big see my other page on looting strategies - only spend the gems on things like speeding up your spells or your barracks.

Once you go on a looting rampage you will collect various gems through the achievements you will have made. So it's vital that you work out your own effective strategy and stick to it.

How to Spend Your Precious Gems

The other thing I wanted to take up is what you should do with your gems. I see people wasting them on their mines or Elixir collectors, that's for sure the best way to trash them.

Personally I only use them to speed up my barracks, so I can do more attacks/hour. That's for sure the best way to maximize your gains. I have other useful tutorials on looting and other strategies that you can check out as well at the bottom of this page.

On top of picking up all the trees and trunks for gems, always look for the gem box, that will give you about 25 gems instantly! Also don't waste gems on buying gold or elixir or even speeding up your hero, it's really not worth it and a huge waste. Your gems are precious so use them well!

Happy gaming!

P.S: Check out my other useful Clash of Clans (COC) pages:

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      The Amazing not not Not Thing 2 years ago


    • profile image

      maik 2 years ago

      I want 99999 free gems in clash of clans

    • profile image

      Sam 2 years ago


      I Like potatoes

    • profile image

      nigal 2 years ago

      your right there are hacks but they have surveys that get you away from the site

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      nico willer 2 years ago

      Foll cool

    • profile image

      ali 3 years ago

      I want 99999 free gems in clash of clans

    • ComputerDan profile image

      Daniel Soucy 3 years ago from Canada

      On freemyapps you want to make sure your on the US Itunes Store otherwise it wont work. You can just change your Country in your account and it will switch you to the US store automatically. With FeaturePoints I agree that you wont redeem quite as often, unless you refer many friends.

    • profile image

      Jeff C 3 years ago

      feature points and my free apps are BS!! FINALLY got 3000 points in my free apps and itunes said my gift card was not valid. Never even got to 3000 with feature points. How much are these guys paying you?