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Clash of Clans Top Defense Strategies

Updated on September 4, 2014

Effective Clash of Clan Defense


Best Clash Of Clans Defense

Like hundred of thousands of other Clash of Clans Players you've been looking for some ways to improve your defense a bit but been having some difficulties. I was in the same position, and I have tried several defense strategies so far. I would go for 2 minutes and come back to find out I had just lost 500k resources after painstakingly collecting them.

It can be quite frustrating! Especially to see levels of double yours come and pillage your village in 2 minutes.

Anyway, here i will describe my most successful defense strategy and some other tips along the way.

Note: This defense strategy is mainly aimed towards safeguarding your ressources while you build a high level maxed out base. This is a not trophy ascending strategy.

1) Stay on a low rank for a while

Ok so the first thing is you don't want to ascend the trophies too fast as you are going to hit a brick wall pretty fast. And you will get destroyed over and over. So stay low until you build a very advanced base.

Giant Bombs


2) Max Out

Next you want to basically max out your defense buildings & especially your bombs, giant bombs & teslas before you upgrade your Town Hall. This is an important part of this strategy.

Max out your walls last, this is also quite important.

Air Defense

3) Lure your enemy in a specific spot

This is the most important part of this strategy. You want to basically lure your enemy into a spot which looks easy. There are a number of ways to do this.

My favorite one is right in the middle of the base, with the town hall right next to it. You leave one square where the enemy can drop their trops and you basically put all your maxed teslas, giant bombs, spring traps & bombs right there.

Tip: Space out the giant bomps a bit as the enemy will often drop one guy to detonate the traps first, maybe put the small bombs first to detonate and then when he drops the heavy load your concentrated traps, giant bombs and teslas will do most of the job.

Then you space out your gold & elixir reserves (not all in one spot) and very importantly space out your defense building types, i.e. one tower with a canon and mortar, etc.

Also keep your anti-air defenses BEHIND WALLS AND MAX THEM EARLY ON! I see way too many bases who underestimate anti-air defenses, max them out and protect them, its one of your best defense. When I see some attackers dropping their dragons without taking out my BEHIND-WALLS-MAXED-OUT air defense first, their get destroyed in 2 seconds, literally. This is one of the most important points.

(Also as an attacker bases with well protected maxed out air defense are my last choice of attack)

Now realize that with this strategy once you lure the enemy in your "wanted" spot not only the giant bombs and teslas will focus on them, all your other defense around will douse them with shots and they are unlikely to survive unless very strong.

Its also important to space out the gold & elixir reserves as even if they get one or two down the other ones will be safeguarded.

You don't have to lure them right in the middle of the base, if could be on one side where the walls are left open and all your concentration of bombs and traps, teslas are there. You can play with different combinations and find the most effective method of luring for your base.

Clan Castle


4) Clan Castle

This is one of the most important defense strategy in Clash of Clans. As an attacker it's how most of my attacks fails:

- First you want to place your Clan Castle in the middle of your base, close to some of your resources. This is very important, as many attackers will "test the waters" before attacking your base by checking if your clan castle is filled or not. By keeping your castle deep and behind walls and several other buildings they won't be able to do that, they will have to deploy their full arsenal to see if you have some guys in there.

- Second you need to upgrade your castle as much as possible and then fill it with troops anytime you want to defend your resources. The most effective defense I have seen are high level mages mixed with high level archers, they can do some serious damage, in some cases they alone will kill most of the attackers, if placed deep enough in your base. Especially level 5 mages are effective. You can also go for 1 dragon in the castle and a mixture, that will create some serious problems for your attacker, they will most likely not recover from it. Forget about giants, wall breakers, healers, goblins for defense, they are almost useless. GET MAGES & ARCHERS, OR A DRAGON IF YOU CAN. DON'T PLACE YOUR CASTLE ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF YOUR BASE, KEEP IT DEEP.

- Note that giants & hog riders once deployed in an attack will not fight back the troops in your clan castle, so you will easily take them out with strong mages and the whole attack will be ruined!


So with the above tips I can guarantee you that once you do all that you will dramatically reduce your loss and increase your trophies based on the Successful Defenses.

Good Luck!

P.S. Also check out my other Clash of Clans pages:

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