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Clash Of Clans Top 5 Best Secrets

Updated on June 19, 2017

Clash of Clans Top 5 Secrets

Having played the game for quite some time there are a number of tricks / secrets that you MUST know if you want to get ahead quick and get above the competition.

So Here are my Top 5 Clash of Clans (COC) Secrets, straight and to-the-point:

1) Town Hall

Take you time before upgrading to the Next Town Hall - Don't rush it! You want to max out your defenses and buildings for your Town Hall level before moving on to the next. It's one of the MOST important trick of the game. Going for the next level too quick will crush you down and slow you down like no tomorrow. Take all the time you need to max out and then move on. It's also going to make your raids more remunerative as you won't be penalized as much.

ESPECIALLY when going from Town Hall Level 7 to Town Hall Level 8 - make sure you are very strong and maxed out or almost before you go ahead with that move. It's the toughest transition of the game I would say and it's going to seriously bog you down if you upgrade when you still have an undeveloped Level 7 Town Hall Village.


2) Raid Inactive Players

The 2nd is possibly not a huge secret but it's worth mentioning here. When raiding you obliviously want to go for massive loot. A quick way to do that is to look for inactive players which have full Gold Mines & Elixir collectors.

This is evidenced by the fact that they have no League Assignment next to their name. That will mean an easy raid a huge payout! Their Clan Castle will also most likely be empty. It's worth going for those even if you need to skip 30-40 bases to get to it. My record was over 1 million in resources in a single raid! So definitely look out for those.

3) Revenge!

One of the most overlooked feature in Clash of Clans is the Revenge feature in your defense log. Why revenge? Because you can inspect your attacker's village at any time and wait for him to be loaded on resources to attack! You can see how much he's got in each reserve.

You will also be able to inspect his Clan Castle and how many troops are in it, if that's a concern for you. Therefore your defense log is a pure gold mine if used well!


4) Load up Barracks

Next is that you want to always load up your barracks with expensive guys before you log out. Why? Because anything you spend in your barracks can be 100% refunded afterwards.

The best guys to fill up with are Wall Breakers as they only occupy 2 slots and cost 3000 elixirs at level 5. With 4 maxed out barracks that's 900,000 elixirs protected right there. Obviously make sure your army camp is filled up before you log out.

You can do the same with your Dark Barracks, fill them up with hog riders works well.


5) Dark Elixir Raids

When you are in the lower level range and you want to collect Dark elixir it has proven to be quite a task. This is the best trick to get lots of Dark Elixir fast! Here's what you need to do:

1) You need to MAX OUT your lightning spell.

2) You need to get up to Gold League minimally to be able to attack people with 1000-2000+ Dark elixir reserves.

3) Find players with over 1000 dark elixir available for loot. (use your revenge feature as well here) and unleash all your lightning spells on it and move on to the next.

4) Carry a good army with you in case the dark elixir reserve is easy to get to.

Otherwise you will be able to make over 1000 elixir per hour with that technique. You will need to do some regular looting as well in between to boost your league back up to Gold as you will lose some ranks while doing this.

But nevertheless a great esay to boost your town Hero or Max Out Dark Troops!

And don't forget to fill your dark barrack(s) with hog riders when you log out to preserve your dark elixir!

*** Bonus Tip - Gems ***

And here is a bonus tip which I decided to add for you guys.

If you ever wanted some more gems, in a totally free & legit way the way to go is "FreeMyApps". You will be able to get Free 10$ USD ITunes Codes once you have downloaded a certain amount of Apps. Try it Here.

The thing is all Apps are free and you only need to try them for 30 Seconds and then you can delete them forever. I regularly get codes that way which I use to get some a bunch of Free Gems and seriously boost my progress! I mainly use the gems to speed up my barracks and spells for faster raiding / looting.

It's very fast, you can redeem a 10$ Itunes within 1 week or less. The first time you try it you will make 5-6$ with the startup offers within 10 minutes or so. There is simply no better rewards program online (and I have tried a lot!). You can also collect more points and redeem larger ITunes Cards if you wish.


This those best kept Clash of Clans Secrets I am positive you will get ahead pretty fast and progress on forward steadily.

Happy Gaming!

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    • profile image

      Projjal 22 months ago

      Nice one........ I found more interesting things about clash of clans in this website:

    • profile image

      hi 2 years ago

      Guys should I play coc is it Gud?

    • profile image

      Life_Mate 2 years ago

      As of now the last strategy is totally ineffective; the resource storages are immune to spell damage

    • profile image

      gims 2 years ago

      50,000 elixer can be stored with wallbreakers not 900k.

    • profile image

      Zapping DE storage is a great way to get revenged 2 years ago

      Only Zap DE storage on revenges. It drives some players crazy, so be careful doing this.

    • profile image

      Albs 2 years ago

      75 x 4 = 300 housing space. 150 Wallbreakers x 3000 elixer = 450K elixer nublet.

    • profile image

      Albs 2 years ago

      you did the math wrong for the barracks scrub. 450,000 elixer can be stored with wallbreakers not 900k.

    • ComputerDan profile image

      Daniel Soucy 3 years ago from Canada

      Great! Glad to hear that. =)

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 3 years ago from Australia

      Great tips, once I learned about revenge my Clash of Clans experience changed dramatically.

    • profile image

      cool 3 years ago

      Cool tips