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Clash of Clans Guide for Beginners - Tips and Strategies

Updated on March 4, 2014
Clash of Clans Guide
Clash of Clans Guide | Source

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Clash of Clans Guide Introduction

Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile game developed by Super Cell. It now has a commercial to go with it. The goal of the game is to build a formidable fortress that can repel enemy raids. While defending against other players, you would build up your own massive army and invade their bases to steal resources.

Designing Your Base

A good base design is the key to be able to fend of potential raiders. The most important buildings to protect besides your Town Hall would be Gold storage and Elixir Storage. These are the important buildings that need to be protected. Otherwise, you would always have your resources stolen and you cannot expand your base. Below are some really good base designs for early levels. This should give you a rough idea on how to protect your empire.

Simple Base Design
Simple Base Design | Source

This is a very simple base design for you to make when you are just starting out. You can also experiment with different types of designs to see what works for you.

They key is to discourage your opponents to raid your base. Use your non resource buildings to block the path of more important buildings such as the cannon tower so that they can take more shots at the enemy. Every little bit of detail counts when it comes to defending.

Later Levels

As you advance to the later levels, you will want to build a more complex base. It also gets harder to raid bases later on in the game.


Farming also becomes essential and there are a few things you could do to farm. You can leave your town hall outside your walls unprotected so you are more likely to get a full 12 hour shield. Getting your town hall destroyed is good because:

  • 12 hour shield to ensure you won't get more attacks when you are sleeping
  • People that attack your town hall and leave usually signals that they do not have a strong enough army to destroy your entire base. You can in turn do a revenge raid and steal their resources.

While the above are good, there are also some drawbacks to it. You will lose trophy points. If you want trophy points, do not use this strategy at all. The purpose of having low trophy points is that you will get matched against less active opponents, allowing you to steal resources easily. You will also be least likely to encounter well protected bases.

More Base Designs

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Raiding Setup

People always have different preferences when it comes to which units you should use for raiding. This is my personal opinion on the best raiding team composition that will improve your success of stealing resources:

  • 20% Barbarians
  • 60% Goblins
  • 20% Wall Breakers

With this set up, you can easily destroy the walls of the well protected resource buildings. The goblins will do the dirty work. They deal double damage to resource type buildings, making it a breeze once the walls are destroyed.

I usually would use Barbarian to take the aggro of towers first before deploying Wall Breakers. Just make sure not to let your Goblins take too much damage and also make sure to deploy them last. They don't have a lot of health.

Tower Types

When raiding, it is always good to figure out which tower poses the most threat. For Goblins, their greatest weakness is Mortars. They will make short work of your Goblins if they get a couple of shots in. They will always be a top priority(Wizard Towers too) and you will want to send your Barbarians or Giants to take tower aggro and distract it long enough so that your Goblins can go steal resources.

"When defending, It is a wonderful idea to place Mortars near each other, without them being in the same cell if possible. When more than one Mortars' range overlaps, it creates a kill-zone where almost no ground troops can survive. "


Hopefully, this will give you a rough idea on how you would want to build your base. Good luck!


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