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Clean Lines Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on February 14, 2011

Clean Lines is a texture pack for the default texture set that removes much of the unnecessary visual noise in Minecraft and makes everything smooth and peaceful and pretty. It's essentially a tranquilizer for your Minecraft world. Let us briefly review this stellar piece of Minecraft work, shall we? We shall.

Wood. Wood looks great. I've personally always preferred a nice lighter grained wood that doesn't look as if it came from the great Minecraft offcuts supply bin. The wood in Clean Lines keeps the feel of the original, but makes some significant improvements in things like signs, which are no longer hideously ugly. (I know that calling the default sign texture 'hideous' belies a pampered aesthetic, but I can deal with that if you can.)

Glass. Not so much a fan of the glass. It's clear, which is good, but it has a heavy brown border, which isn't so good for me. It's fine if you're making windows or such like, but there are uses for glass other than windows and I don't need my underground mob trap of doom looking like something an estate agent would call a feature.

Dirt. Dirt now looks more like a lovely silky smooth chocolate, not a piece of grit somebody forgot to clean out of the mushrooms. This may result in increased screen licking.

Cloth. Cloth has been handled pleasantly and retains its original color with a few darker dashes running through it to remind you of how stiff and starched and straight it is. My Minecraft bed has never been so well made.

Torches. Torches have been cleaned up. Torches almost always look out of place anyway though so I will not pay them too much mind. I will hold my handkerchief over my eyes and look beyond them to the dawning of a new Minecraft day. (Where the heck are those lanterns we were promised, huh?)

Lightstone. Lightstone is always an important one for me because I use it so very much in wide variety of contexts. I particularly approve of the way lightstone is handled in this texture pack, with a dark brown edge (reminiscent of the glass actually) but with blocky pixels that fade as the light glows more brightly in the center of the block. Nice!

The Verdict

This is a great texture pack if you find the default textures too gritty, or if you favor a slightly more modern building style (though if you like modern stuff, you can't go past ModernCraft, and indeed,you shouldn't. Go get it. It's wonderful. It saved my marriage and raised my children for me.)

Download Clean Lines Minecraft Texture Pack


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