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Custom Card Ideas: Soul of the Legion & Soul Brand

Updated on April 25, 2016


I'll be upfront about this; this post won't be going into too much depth. Both cards give simple bonuses, so there's not much to go on and on about, so I keep in short. Both cards give you additional benefits for having more Soul Cards in your possession. So, get greedy!

What Does This Card Do?

The first featured card is the 'Soul of the Legion' which reads, "You may have a limitless number of soul cards. If you lose this card, discard down to your normal amount immediately."

This card encourages the player to invest heavily into the Soul Card deck, giving them various angles and aspects to play with. The card itself is not good; it's only if you invest into the card does it become useful, however you'll want to make sure you don't lose it, otherwise you might lose more than a few Soul Cards.

Also, it's important to note that it is a Soul card, like the Soulstealer card.

What Does This Card Do?

Then, there's the Soul Brand Treasure card. It's a 2 Hands item, costs 800 Gold Pieces. However, the Bonus is a variable, kinda like the Executioner's Axe. Instead of relying on how many heads/necks the monster has, the Soul Brand gets a multiplicative bonus based on how many Soul Cards you currently possess. "Multiply 3 by how many soul cards you have."


When the game starts, everyone should have one Soul card, with a chance of earning more through cards or sacrificing 3 cards to draw a new one. At its base, the Soul Brand should be a +3, which is a little bit of a bad trade. However, with 2 Soul cards, it's +6, which is about an even trade-off. With 3 Souls, the most you can normally have, it's a +9, which is pretty good.

However, combining this with the Soul of the Legion, Soul Brand can become the most powerful item in the game, and rather quickly. With a combination of the two, as well as being supported by Soul of the Warden and Soul of the Pure, can make the Munchkin almost unstoppable, but only if the player makes a heavy investment. You'll need other things such as the aforementioned soul cards to protect your investment. However, if someone causes you to lose Soul of the Brand either by Curse or Theft, you still keep your Souls and the Soul of the Brand's offensive capabilities will be rerolled for the new owner.

Also, if a player has more than three other Soul cards and they lose their Soul of the Legion, they must immediately discard down to only three immediately. This is similar to losing your Dwarf card when you have six cards in your hand, or Soul of the Green when you have a lot more. If you have one-shot Soul cards (such as Soul of the Fickle) you cannot use them until enough cards have been discarded.

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