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DC Comics Squinkies - Release Date & New Character News

Updated on October 13, 2012

This time round we are taking a look at the new DC Comics Squinkies. This is a massive release from Blip Toys and one that many people are very excited about. We will have a close look at all the new characters in the DC Comics bubble packs, we will tell you about release dates and where you can get hold of these new Squinkies. If you are a fan of the previous Marvel sets then these new ones should also be just what you are after.

The collection of Squinkies has been steadily growing for a few years now. When these first hit the shops we were just given random cute characters. But then the company behind these, Blip Toys, came up with an idea. What if they could create Squinkies in the form of already established characters that everyone is familiar with. Hence they have been in hot pursuit of several licenses which give them the rights to a huge range of characters. So in recent times we have seen bubble packs such as Power Rangers, SpongeBob SquarePants, WWE Superstars, Minnie Mouse, The Simpsons, Marvel and quite a few others as well. The latest big news then is that we are going to see some DC Comics Squinkies. So let’s have a look at them.

DC Comics Series 1

The New DC Comics Squinkies Arrive

So we are going to be getting four new bubble packs based on DC Comics. This is of course very exciting for fans of the Marvel range as now you can collect all your favourite heroes from both of these comic book giants. We are unsure exactly when these will have their release date but they are expected to find their way into shops sometime over the summer. If we do get a definite release date we will of course let you know. The price should be consistent with other bubble packs we have seen released so you should be looking somewhere between $10 and $15. So let’s have a look at the two bubble packs coming out.

Series 1 - So the first bubble pack known as series 1 will contain twelve characters. Nine of these we already know and then there will be three mystery characters. These come in the red gum balls. So the nine characters that we know about will be Superman, Wonder Woman, Two-Face, The Flash, Green Arrow, Deadman, Martian Manhunter, Spectre and Darksied. Of these characters Two-Face is probably the pick of the bunch, some excellent detail on him. Superman and The Flash are also really impressive.

Series 2 - The second bubble pack known as series two will also have twelve DC Universe characters. This pack will come with green gum balls. Again there are three mystery characters included but then ones we are aware of are Batman, Robin, Penguin, Green Lantern, Catwoman, Cyborg, Atrocitus, Aquaman and Shazam. Of these we would say it’s Batman and Cyborg that really look impressive, although all of them have some excellent detail.

The Justice League - The third series from DC comics is called The Justice League. This features some classic superheroes which will come in orange gumballs. The squinkies we know about include Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonderwoman, The Joker and a few more.

Batman - There will also be a Batman pack which will have another Batman, Catwoman, Robin, The Joker, The Riddler, Two Face and more. It's worth mentioning that the Batman characters found in this set are different to the other ones in the other bubble packs.

Some of the mystery characters we will see include Sinestro, Kamandi, Swamp Thing and Nightwing. If we find out what the others are we will let you know, or if you find out before us feel free to post down at the bottom of the page. Fans of the DC Universe will be really impressed with some of these new Squinkies and the detail on the characters really is good.

Series 2

Future Superhero Squinkies

Over the past year or so Blip Toys have released several bubble packs based around superhero characters. For instance earlier in the year we saw the Avengers bubble pack hit the shops. Of course we also got the Marvel bubble packs which were massively popular. To coincide with the release of The Amazing Spiderman we are getting a bubble pack based on this one. So it’s pretty obvious that the strategy here is to plan ahead and work out what is going to be popular and then release Squinkies that everyone is going to want.

This gives us an idea of some future releases and what we could possibly expect. Next year we are going to see a brand new Superman film, hence we may we see a bubble pack released based on that. We are also getting Ironman 3 so again this would be a good opportunity to base a bubble pack on this one. Thor 2 will be hitting our screen in 2013, will we see this turned into Squinkie form. There are a few other films in the coming year that Blip Toys may try to base some new characters on.

One massive release coming the summer of 2012 is of course the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. We are not aware of any bubble packs being based directly on that, of course the new DC Comics sets have quite a few of the characters in there, but there may be a chance that we may yet see a TDKR pack as well as the Batman one already released. At the end of 2012 we also get the long awaited prequel to the LOTR. Will we see some Hobbit Squinkies? Chances are they would sell extremely well and be massively popular, maybe we might even see some Lord Of The Rings characters brought out.

As you can imagine the coming months and years are going to be very exciting for children and adults who collect Squinkies. The two new DC Comics bubble packs will no doubt be massive sellers and comic book fans will instantly fall in love with these when they see them. If you enjoy any of the DC Comics films or stories then you should really enjoy these new Squinkies.


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