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DMC Devil May Cry Mission 9 Inside Devil

Updated on January 19, 2013

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Witch

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Witch by shattering her shield with heavy weapons
DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Witch by shattering her shield with heavy weapons

In DMC Devil May Cry Mission 9, the hero Dante will be able to unlock the Devil Trigger power within himself. The old demon will guide Dante in his quest to unlock this power, by directing him to a inverted giant statue of a nephilim. This will provide Dante with a guide on how to transverse onto the wings of the fallen statue and then defeat the new monsters the witches to unlock his memories and his hidden power.

DMC Devil May Cry Defeat the Witch and Get to the Statue’s Head

The first objective of Dante’s mission 9 is to get to the statue’s head. To do this, Dante must use angel pull and then angel grapple to get nearer the statue’s head. However, after a few jumps, Dante is faced with a new monster – the witch.

The witch is a female demon that can cast magic. Her offensive magic includes a sword thrust can be propelled onto Dante’s chest. Her defensive magic is hard to dispel – it is a shield that can be cast onto herself. The shield repels most of Dante’s attacks. The key here is to keep pounding the shield with Enyx. At some point, the shield will rupture, causing explosive damage. Dante can go in and try to defeat the witch. But be careful – she can phase out and teleport to another location to restart the battle.

Once the witch is defeated, continue moving to the statue’s head to get the key. The key will thrust Dante into another memory scene where he attempts to unlock his inner devil.

DMC Devil May Cry Get Back to the Old Demon

On obtaining his devil trigger, Dante must make his way back to the old demon. Here he is able to use the devil trigger and test it on the rage. Or Dante can save his devil trigger for defeating another witch. The witch here will appear with other monsters in a place where an unwise move will result in Dante falling to his demise. So use angle grapple to haul Dante to the monsters and then use airborne moves to defeat them. Dante can use devil trigger here to make the monsters more vulnerable to attacks, especially when confronting the witch. Use heavy attacks (the arbiter) to smash through the witch’s shield, and then defeat her.

Once this more difficult group of monsters is finished, go through more obstacles and get back to the old demon. He will then guide the hero to the newscaster.


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