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DOTA Hero Tips: Chaos Knight

Updated on August 18, 2012

Strength type heroes can also act as team carries and Chaos Knight is a perfect example. Allowing this hero to freely farm for experience and gold is like suicide. Chaos Knight is unstoppable during the late game if he managed to grab enough experience and all the luxurious items he needs. His decent strength gain enables him to easily survive from late game clashes. Although his skill set greatly relies on luck, Chaos Knight can turn the tides of the battle in favor of his team. This hero is very hard to counter as well since he doesn’t lack health points compared to most agility type team carry. With these positive feedbacks about this hero, I’m pretty sure you are very interested about using him in your next DOTA game. Don’t be so excited. Before you do so, be sure to check out these important tips that can help you bring out the devastating power of Nessaj the Chaos Knight!

Chaos Bolt

This skill is named “Chaos Bolt” for a reason. The enemy team will surely have a hard time if you are so lucky while casting this skill. It can stun a target up to 4 seconds! No hero in DOTA can survive after being disabled in such a long duration while being surrounded by several enemies. The most amazing part is that this skill has very low cooldown rate so spamming it is definitely possible. Your only problem is its mana requirement. Rushing a Perseverance or Ring of Basilius should be enough to support Chaos Knight’s need for mana. You can upgrade the mentioned items into a Battle Fury and Vladmir’s Offering respectively.

Reality Rift

This skill can be closely compared to a blink. However, the effect is opposite since it’s your enemy who’ll be teleported by your side. Hitting him after the skill will grant you bonus damage. The main feature of this skill is its very low cooldown rate and mana cost. You can spam it to make it impossible for enemy heroes to escape from you. If worked in conjunction with Chaos Knight’s first skill, a hero kill is almost guaranteed. Just remember to purchase items that can support your mana pool. The importance of this skill can be greatly noticed during the mid part of the game so be sure to upgrade it early on.

Critical Strike

Chaos Knight is a hero based on luck. Even his physical damage has wider range compared to most heroes. The chance that you’ll land a hit with this skill activated is quite low. However, your damage will be boost at most 3 times! To maximize from this awesome skill, buying items that can improve your attack rate is a must. Some Chaos Knight experts use Mask of Madness and I agree that such kind of strategy do work. However, don’t forget that you’ll take more damage if Mask of Madness is activated so disable the target first with your first skill and hope that you are lucky enough to land a 4-second stun.


This skill is not like any other illusion spells in DOTA. The images produced by this skill will have full damage! You’ll be in a tight situation if you got stunned with Chaos Knight’s first skill while his images are out. Some DOTA players purchase Manta Style to increase the number of Chaos Knight Clones but it’s unnecessary. Besides the images from Manta Style are far weaker compared to those produce with this skill. The best way to even make this skill devastating is to improve your attack damage and speed. Because of this skill, only a few heroes can face Chaos Knight in a standoff during the late game and win.

Early Game

Chaos Knight doesn’t need to worry so much about being bullied in the early part of the game unlike most agility hero carries. Being a strength type hero granted him with decent health points and regeneration. Chaos Knight can be a great starter if used accordingly and paired with a hero who has a reliable disabling skill such as Vengeful Spirit, Ogre Magi, and Rogue Knight. However, don’t be aggressive. Your main role is to farm. Just be watchful regarding opportunities to grab a few early kills. The enemy team will surely ambush you early on so always be ready to cast your first skill and flee from danger.

Mid Game

Is Chaos Knight an effective ganker? Without a doubt, the answer to this question is a resounding YES! With his first and second skill, an ambush initiated by Chaos Knight would definitely mean eliminating at least one enemy hero. Remember to focus your attack. Your team can treat Chaos Knight’s first skill as a signal as to who the first target is. If he tries to escape with a blink skill or item, cast your second skill to close the gap once more. Always remember that Chaos Knight’s second skill has a very low cooldown time so spam it during chases. Be observant about your mana pool as well so you can cast your first skill again.

Late Game

This is the part of the game where Chaos Knight shows his true power. If the enemy team can’t handle one Chaos Knight, what more if they need to face four? Chaos Knight can even single-handedly eliminate an entire enemy team with the right items and perfect skill execution. Your man goal during team clashes is to eliminate intelligence type heroes in an instant. Target those who can land massive burst damages such as Demon Witch and Slayer. Don’t initiate the battle. You are the team’s carry so your entrance must be perfect. Let your team’s initiator and tanker do their roles. Despite being a strength type hero, Chaos Knight don’t have any skill which makes him a decent tanker so carefully observe your health points during a crucial team battle.


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