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DOTA Hero Tips: Slayer

Updated on October 25, 2012

Lina Inverse

A renowned pyromancer roaming the lands, Lina Inverse originally joined the Sentinel for monetary purposes. However, weeks turned into months, and fighting alongside the many holy warriors with fearless souls inspired her with the responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the World Tree. With her devastating abilities to summon vaporizing flames, she wreaks havoc among the enemy ranks. In dire situations, she would imbue herself with an ultimate fervor, or even call forth a massive beam of lightning which is said to instantly slay any single foe. A most feared enemy of the Scourge, a most unswerving defender of the Sentinel.

Dragon Slave
Dragon Slave
Light Strike Array
Light Strike Array
Fiery Soul
Fiery Soul
Laguna Blade
Laguna Blade

Dragon Slave

A wave of fire that ripples out from Lina Inverse, causing damage to land units in a line.

Level 1 – 100 damage.

Level 2 – 170 damage

Level 3 – 230 damage

Level 4 – 280 damage

Cooldown: 8.5 seconds

Light Strike Array

Summons a column of flames that damages and stuns enemies for 1.6 seconds.

Level 1- Deals 90 damage.

Level 2- Deals 150 damage.

Level 3- Deals 210 damage.

Level 4- Deals 280 damage.

Cooldown: 7

Fiery Soul

Grants you bonus attack and movement speed each time you cast a spell. Stacks with itself. Last 7 seconds.

Level 1- 40 Attack Speed and 4% Movement Speed

Level 1- 50 Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed

Level 1- 60 Attack Speed and 5% Movement Speed

Level 4- 70 Attack Speed and 7% Movement Speed

Laguna Blade

Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single target, dealing critical damage.

Level 1- Deals 450 damage.

Level 2- Deals 675 damage.

Level 3- Deals 950 damage.

Cooldown: 120/90/55

Scepter Upgradable: Increases damage and cast range.

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Early Game:

Lina Inverse is a very versatile intelligence type hero. There are two known builds for Slayer. The first one centers her devastating ultimate skill while the other focuses on improving her damage since her third skill is more than enough to compensate her lack of attack speed. If you plan to occupy the mid lane, a Crow and Bottle combination is advised. You can be aggressive or passive depending on various factors. If you are up against a hero who has excellent lane presence like Shadow Fiend, it’s advised that you play defensively. Simply wait for your enemy to commit a grave mistake and grab the opportunity. Farming is a must especially if you aim for a hitter build. Given Lina Inverse is an intelligence type hero, she lacks hit points so be cautious. Always look at the minimap and observe whether the enemy team is planning to gank you. Rushing Kelen’s Dagger or Force Staff is advised for greater mobility. You’ll also find it easier to grab kills and successfully land your stun with these items at hand. Always keep in mind that your main role during the early part of the game is pressure enemy heroes on your lane and grab a few kills if given the chance.

Mid Game:

Slayer is a perfect ganker so start searching for kills once you reached level 6. In most cases, enemy heroes at this part of the game won’t be tough enough to survive your skill combo. With the help of your teammates, you can guarantee a kill. Be sure to target enemy carries so they won’t be a big problem during the late game. Don’t worry about farming since Lina Inverse doesn’t need luxurious items to be effective. Let your team’s carry grab the kills as much as possible. Nonetheless, if you accidentally landed some killing shots and earned a considerable amount of gold in the process, it’s advised that you purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter. Aside from the bonus stats, this item greatly improves Lina Inverse’s ultimate skill. A Dagon 5 is also a good addition to Lina’s arsenal. Pressure your enemies and gank until they won’t come out from their base. Lina Inverse is almost unstoppable during this part of the game particularly if you have a good ganking partner. Rouge Knight, Vengeful Spirit, Ogre Magi, and other heroes with disables and slows are great allies of Lina Inverse especially in ambushing.

Late Game:

A good Lina user won’t allow the game to reach late game. You should finish the game as soon as possible as your skill’s will be less effective as your enemies gather items and buffs that can help them resist magic damage. Nevertheless, your AOE stun is can still decide a team clash during late game and in can help you grab several kills if timed accordingly. Always keep in mind that this skill has a considerably long casting time so advance your target. Look at your hit points constantly as well during team clashes as Lina is very squishy. If you are the enemy team’s first target, unleash all your skills to a certain target before you die. Purchasing items for escape like Lothar’s Edge is a good idea but I prefer defensive items such as Black King Bar or Hear of Tarasque. Having the enemy team’s attention on you is good for them. This will allow your team’s carry to be safer and last longer in the clash. Spam your first and second skill, then cast your ultimate skill to the enemy’s carry then you can let your teammates handle the rest.

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Lina Inverse anime styleLina Inverse flaming handsLina Inverse sexyLina Inverse in ActionLina Inverse Casting a Spell
Lina Inverse anime style
Lina Inverse anime style
Lina Inverse flaming hands
Lina Inverse flaming hands
Lina Inverse sexy
Lina Inverse sexy
Lina Inverse in Action
Lina Inverse in Action
Lina Inverse Casting a Spell
Lina Inverse Casting a Spell

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