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DOTA Hero Tips: Naga Siren

Updated on August 13, 2012


Naga Siren’s destructive power is famous to all DOTA players. She can even single-handedly eliminate an entire team with the right items and a full knowledge on how to bring out her true potential. The real test for Naga Siren users is to survive the early and mid game. Being an agility hero makes her prone to early ambushes. Two heroes who can deliver high amounts of spell damage in an instant could eliminate Naga Siren with ease. Although Naga Siren has two skills which can serve as a great escape mechanism namely his first and last, her low health points made her an easy target of bullying or early kills. Nonetheless, underestimating this mighty hero could mean the enemy’s defeat. She can unleash high amounts of physical damage. Naga Siren’s disabling skill is one of the best in DOTA as well. Even the toughest heroes in DOTA will find it hard to survive the attacks of Naga Siren particularly during the late game. For those who are planning to use this great hero on their next DOTA game, here are some guidelines that can help anyone unleash the seemingly unstoppable strength of Slythice the Naga Siren.


Mirror Image

This is undoubtedly the skill which made Naga Siren one of the greatest carries in DOTA. Facing her alone is hard enough. Having 3 her three weaker clones on your tail intensifies the burden. If used in coordination with Naga Siren’s second skill, you can hit enemy heroes with serious physical attack and lead them straight to their death in no time. The damage and attack speed of you image will increase as you purchase items and upgrade your stats making a well-farmed Naga Siren unstoppable. This skill can also be used to dodge thrown spells. Casting this skill at the right time could negate an enemy spell for you to easily gain battle advantage so upgrading this kill to the fullest in the early part of the game is a must. Mirror Image can also be used as an escape mechanism as it confuses enemies as to which one is real.


It’s not possible for Naga Siren to kill enemy heroes without this skill. Any hero would run away if Naga Siren’s first skill is casted. This skill can assure that your target will be going nowhere. The enemy target will be disallowed to move for five seconds! This is one of the best in DOTA. Naga Siren is a great ambusher because of this skill. If paired with a hero who can deliver mass amount of physical or spell damage in a brief period of time like Ursa Warrior, killing even the mightiest heroes in DOTA won’t be a challenge for Naga Siren.

Rip Tide

Naga Siren can render even the toughest enemy heroes squishy with the use of this skill. It also boasts a considerable amount of damage which affects a certain area. Always remember that Naga Siren is an agility hero who can bring upon great physical damage and having this hero on her arsenal made it even easier for her to cause havoc to enemy ranks. You should concentrate in boosting Naga Siren’s attack speed. She has a decent health points during the late game yet it won’t be enough for her to survive enemy team ambushes during the late game. Don’t bother upgrading her health points but focus on both damage and attack speed as your main role is to kill as much enemy heroes possible during the late game.

Song of the Siren

Naga Siren can survive enemy ganks with her ultimate skill. This skill is also good in the offensive end. It would be easier for the whole team to acquire favorable positions before the actual clash. This skill is also a good way to cancel channeling spells that enemy heroes might cast. Isolation is also possible with this skill as it can be negated by a Linkin Sphere. You can cast this spell leaving enemy heroes with Linkin Sphere unaffected so your team can focus your attacks on him first and proceed killing the others once the Song of the Siren effect wares off.

Early Game:

One interesting fact about Naga Siren is his ability to grab a few kills even during the early part of the game. If the enemy heroes on your lane have no skill that affects a certain area or cleaving attack, upgrading Naga Siren’s first skill is imperative. With her first and second skill, Naga Siren can bully enemy heroes. Her third skill is also crucial in weakening enemy heroes. All you need to do is boost Naga Siren’s attack and movement speed. Rushing a Power Threads is a brilliant idea. You don’t need to purchase items with AOE effects to boost Naga Siren’s Clone. A Crystalis is a must since Naga Siren’s clones will be granted with critical capabilities as well.

Mid Game:

Naga Siren is one of the few hero carries in DOTA who can perform well during ambushes. Her second skill is perfect for holding down a certain target. Only a few can survive after being held down on a long time while being attacked by you, your clones, and your allies. However, don’t entirely focus on ambushing enemy heroes. Always keep in mind that your main goal is to farm and have gather enough cash to purchase luxurious items in boosting your attack speed and damage. Heroes who can slow enemy heroes like Drow Ranger can greatly help Naga Siren during ganks. One with a reliable disabling skill such as Ogre Magi is a perfect partner for Naga Siren as well while hunting enemy heroes in the jungle and lanes.

Late Game:

This part of the game is Naga Siren’s shining moment. She is one of the best hero carries in DOTA so stopping her is almost impossible if she successfully gathered all the luxurious items she needs. Buriza do Kyanon and The Butterfly are excellent items of Naga Siren. The only heroes who can counter Naga Siren are those with skills which can counter her images. Obsidian Destroyer is one of them as he can kill Naga Siren’s images with just one hit of his Orb Skill. Heroes with skills boasting high amounts of AOE damage such as Sand King will make it hard for Naga Siren to be effective in a DOTA game as well.


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