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DOTA Hero Tips: Priestess of the Moon

Updated on August 16, 2012


Priestess of the Moon is a common pick in pug games. This is not surprising since her set of skills greatly boost her mobility and ability to launch surprise attacks. Killing Priestess of the Moon controlled by a highly experienced DOTA player is close to impossible. With the right items and a great sense of timing while using Priestess of the Moon’s skills, you can easily rally your allies toward victory. Don’t just sit there and watch other DOTA players use this hero efficiently since it’s not that hard. All you need to do is follow these guidelines and you’re one step nearer in unleashing the true amazing power of Mirana the Priestess of the Moon.


This skill is a great farming and bullying tool. Priestess of the Moon is an effective hero in the mid lane because of this skill. Not only does it help her kill enemy creeps to farm for experience and gold, it can also keep enemy heroes at bay. Upgrading this skill up to the highest level as soon as possible it a must. However, you must have enough mana pool to utilize this kill to the fullest. A Bottle and Crow item combination for Priestess of the Moon is a very good idea. Buying Perseverance afterwards will even make her much more reliable as it boosts both her life and mana points’ regeneration.

Elune’s Arrow

Priestess of the Moon is famous in DOTA because of this skill. The farther he is on the target, the longer the stun duration is. This skill also boasts a very high damage. The only problem is that only experienced DOTA players can use Elune’s Arrow effectively. You should learn how to count steps to land a hit while using the skill. Constant practice is also a must. Be observant with your enemy’s movement pattern. You’ll be unstoppable if you master this skill. You need to have good mana pool as well so you can use this skill any time you want. Using this skill will be hassle-free if you have a hero partner with a reliablestunning or disabling skill such as Ogre Magi and Crystal Maiden.


Only a few heroes can catch up with Priestess of the Moon because of this skill. Unlike Kelen’s Dagger, this skill can be caster even while under enemy fire. The most exciting part is that this skill also grants Priestess of the Moon and her allies with bonus movement speed. Aside from its importance defense wise, this skill is also regarded as one of the best initiating skills and it works well with Priestess of the Moon’s second skill. After hitting your target from a long distance, you need to close the gap in an instant and this skill does it best like no other. A Force Staff will do the trick as well. But why spend gold for this purpose, but why spend gold for this matter if you have an innate skill that works even better?

Moonlight Shadow

Probably the best thing about Priestess of the Moon is that she can also support her allies. This skill grants her allies with invisibility at a short duration regardless where they are in the map. A lot of experienced DOTA teams use this skill to initiate a clash or ambush enemies. Disregarding this skill is definitely a big mistake. There will come a time when your second skill is not enough to escape from intensive enemy attacks. In this situation, the importance of this skill will be highly appreciated. Just remember that the effect of this skill will be useless if a member of the enemy team has a Gem of True Sight or if a sentry ward is planted in a nearby place.

Early Game

In most cases, Priestess of the Moon is assigned in the mid lane. You should purchase a Bottle and Crow item combination in this situation. Nevertheless, if your team insists that you are better off in other lanes, you should consider Perseverance or other mana supporting items such as Ring of Bacilius. Your main role in this part of the game is to pressure enemy heroes as much as possible. It’s imperative that you stop them earning more gold and gaining experience. Harass them with the use of your first skill. Grab a few early kills with the help of your second skill. Visiting other lanes as you grab runes is a brilliant idea as well. Simply cast your second skill and leap towards the enemy if it lands. If not, go back to the mid lane and don’t allow the enemy hero gain advantage.

Mid Game

Priestess of the Moon is an excellent ganker so she will surely shine during this part of the game. Roam around if you already have at least a Power Threads and Bottle in your inventory. Your second skill will play a very crucial role on this strategy. Once you landed a hit, jump straight to your enemy and cast your first skill. Proceed to hit the target with normal attacks until he drops dead. Don’t worry if you are still a beginner in using Priestess of the Moon’s second skill. Don’t bother using it especially if your team is not doing well since it will only waste your mana. Approach your enemy and cast your first skill. If he runs, cast your third skill to easily chase him. Buying a Yasha could highly increase your chasing ability and boost your damage as well so it’s definitely a good move.

Late Game

Being an agility type hero made Priestess of the Moona reliable ally during the late game. Team clashes are common during this part of the game. Your main goal is to eliminate the enemy carry. Make sure to hit him with your second skill. Once landed while you maintain a long distance, it’s very easy for you to eliminate him. Even if it doesn’t hit, you should use your third skill at once and simply use your physical attack to eliminate the strongest enemy hero. If you think that the battle is starting to go one sided in favor of your enemy team, immediately cast your ultimate skill and advice your teammates to retreat. It’s imperative that you know how to assess the situation and decide whether to continue attacking or hold back and come up with a much reasonable battle strategy.


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