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DOTA Hero Tips: Pudge

Updated on August 20, 2012


Pudge is a strength type DOTA Hero who mostly relies on surprise attacks to kill. He is infamous because of this first skill which can grab a certain target near him in an instant. Aside from the damage dealt, the target will be behind enemy lines once caught by Pudge’s Meat Hook, making him a very easy target. Pudge is also a nightmare for intelligence type heroes because of his innate high spell resistance. Even spells with extremely high damage such as Demon Witch’s Finger and Slayer’s Laguna Blade are useless against Pudge. It’s not surprising why this hero is a common pick in pub games. However, using Pudge effectively requires constant practice and a good sense of enemy movements. You should advance your shot or you’ll end up missing most of the time. Here are a few more tips that can help you be an unstoppable killer while using Pudge the Butcher.

Meat Hook

This is Pudge’s bread and butter skill. If you use this skill effectively, grabbing early kills and dominating all throughout the game is very easy. To assist Pudge’s need for mana in casting this spell often, a Bottle and Crow item combination is advisable especially if you are assigned on the mid lane. Otherwise, an arcane boots or Perseverance should be preferred. To somehow increase your chance of landing a hit with this skill, stay on a fogged area while casting. The target won’t even know what hit him until it’s too late. Even experienced DOTA players miss a lot while using this spell so you should never be easily discouraged. Be sure to count hero steps and advance your shot while casting this spell to catch a fleeing enemy hero. It’s also crucial to take not that this skill will catch the first unit it encounters which includes your allies so using it to save your teammates from harm is possible.


The DPS damage brought upon by this skill is devastating. Most intelligence and agility type heroes can’t last more than ten seconds of exposure to this skill particularly during the early stages of the game and while taking physical attacks from Pudge. Although this skill also damages Pudge, it’s not a problem at all since this hero’s high spell resistance almost made him immune from the damaging effect of this skill. The slow effect of this skill also made it perfect for chasing enemy heroes and keeping them at bay for your allies to land a few hits as well. With this skill in Pudge’s arsenal, eliminating even the toughest heroes in DOTA won’t cost him a sweat.

Flesh Heap

The absurd spell resistance of Pudge is granted by this skill. Moreover, this skill also gives Pudge the ability to gain bonus strength upon the death of enemy heroes near him. Remember that the effect of this skills tacks with Hood of Defiance and Pipe of Insight. With these items at hand, you don’t need to worry about intelligence type heroes and others who solely rely on spells for offense. By purchasing items to support your health point and block rate such as Heart of Tarasque and Vanguard, Pudge can turn into a formidable tanker.Purchasing The Butterfly is also a good idea to counter enemy heroes with high physical attack rate and damage.


This skill completes Pudge’s insane attack tools. He can disable a target while dealing a decent DPS damage with this skill. Having an Aghanim’s Scepter in your inventory will provide Pudge the ability to gain health points based on his current strength while this skill is in effect. Pudge’s ideal skill combination is carried out by first casting his first skill. If it successfully grabbed an enemy hero, his ultimate skill is casted next to hinder the enemy from fleeing and his second skill comes last. Although Pudge’s ultimate skill is a channeling type, it won’t be cancelled if Pudge activates his second skill in the process.

Early Game

Pudge can play decently in the early game. He can be assigned to any lane. A Pudge on the mid lane is not a bad idea at all. Such position will allow him to gain more experience and gold compared to most of his enemies. After reaching level 6, you can roam and grab a few kills on other lanes. Always remember that your role during the early part of the game is not to harass but earn as much gold and experience possible. You need enough items to support your mana needs. Rushing an Arcane boots is a must especially if you don’t have a Bottle and Crow item combination. Boosting your movement speed is also a must so purchasing a Phase Boots is an excellent idea as well. If used in accordance with your second skill, killing intelligence or agility type heroes with no reliable escape mechanism won’t be so much of a problem.

Mid Game

Pudge is an innate ganker. His first skill made it possible for him to surprise enemy heroes like no other. Use its range accordingly by hiding on fogged areas. Don’t rush to cast it. Wait for the right time to catch a target off guard. Don’t worry if you miss. Rush towards your enemy and cast your ultimate skill while your second skill activated. After your last skill’s effect depreciates, it will only take a few seconds for your first skill to be available again. Finish the escaping enemy off with it. Advancing your shot is a must. It takes a lot of practice and DOTA experience to hit a moving enemy with Pudge’s first skill. Nevertheless, don’t be shy to cast it. You’ll get used to it sooner or later.

Late Game

As this stage of the game approaches, Pudge will transform into a tanker from a ganker. If you manage to grab a couple of kills early on, you’ll end up having decent strength points thus added health points and regeneration. Some Pudge experts don’t even purchase Heart of Tarasque for Pudge since they find the item unnecessary. However, buying a Hood of Defiance or Pipe of Insight is a must to further improve your spell resistance. A Force Staff is also a good item for Pudge to provide him with added mobility. You can catch up with enemy heroes easily with such kind of item at hand. Remember that Pudge can’t purchase a Kelen’s Dagger. Your main role during team clashes is to absorb most of the enemy team’s ruthless spells. Doing so will somehow save your team’s carry and provide him with a better chance to survive and eliminate enemy heroes one after another with ease.


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