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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Sixteen: The Snow Beast

Updated on February 8, 2013

Thanks to a rather dreadful trip into the basement of a Waystation, Isaac now has a Snow Suit and a clear destination: a Research Station not far from where he is. He just has to brave some more of frigid Tau Volantis… and, perhaps, whatever else is waiting in the snow.

Now that you have a Snow Suit, you can re-enter the small building across from the Waystation and pass muster with the scanner. Beyond is, as warned, a high wind area. Your vision out here is poor, but that's okay - there's nothing to grab anyway. Follow the path towards a creaking container and prep your weapon, as a Necromorph will charge out at you. Murder it and head inside. Down this walkways is a small cave with several containers. Check to your left first, as there are two more Necromorphs skulking about that can easily catch you off guard. Go up the ladder.

Visibility is poor again up here. Follow the path until you get to a bulldozer. The thing will slide and fall; follow the prompts to get through in one piece. On the other side of peril you'll see a massive, lit installation nearby. Could that be where they've gone? Head down the hill and into the cave nearby to find out.

Ahead is a junction. To the left are some containers; approach with care, as a Necromorph will jump out of the ground at you. Another will jump out to the right, and a third will charge up the passage at you. Kill the lot and head left to find the outside of the installation, as well as a conspicuously large space. Get close enough to the huge door and you'll see Carver on the wall above… and he'll come under attack. Ellie will pipe in with the rest of the crew shortly thereafter.

Check the walls near where you saw Carver for a door. Pump the generator inside to life to activate the elevator outside, and use the Bench or Suit Kiosk as necessary. Go back outside… get on the elevator… make it partway up… wait for it… yep, there's the bad thing. (You knew it was coming.) The Necromorph spider-thing known as the Snow Beast wants to eat Isaac something fierce.

This battle is not nearly as bad as it looks, though you need a fair amount of ammo to get through it. The Snow Beast will spend much of the time circling as you circle, charging in occasionally to bash you with one of its legs. Whenever it charges, roll out of the way (preferably to the side - it's sometimes hard to tell if you're backed up against something); otherwise, spend your time aiming at the orange orbs on its body. Blow up enough of them on the tentacles sprouting out of its back and you'll knock that tentacle off, earning yourself some ammo in the process. Keep repeating this until, ultimately, the Snow Beast retreats. Stasis isn't a terrible idea, and makes targeting the orbs easier, but it's far from mandatory.

Head up the walkway the Snow Beast knocked down. At the top you'll find some items, including a Spare Parts Kit, and a door into the Research Station. Go inside, make your way through the rooms until you find a Heavy Standard Frame to your right, go up the ladder to find a Pulse Rifle blueprint, a Text Log and a S.C.A.F. Artifact, then return to the lower floor and go down the elevator.

You're back outside. Straight ahead and to your right is a Garage you can enter by bypassing the lock. In the first room is a Text Log; in the second you'll be ambushed by Necromorphs. Stay in the previous room and blow them away as they come in the door, then mop up what's left in the larger room. Once they're all dead, check a wall container for an Upgrade Circuit and the general area (lockers and containers) for a bunch of items.

Head back outside and check the main installation for an elevator. At the top and through a door you'll find… the rest of the group! Norton's being a grouch because Isaac and Ellie are close, but that's just water under or over or frozen on the bridge. No sooner does Isaac find them, though, than a new objective is established: get to the other side of the facility. Whatever's creating all the problems may be there.



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