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Dead Space 3 walkthrough, Part Thirty-Four: Alien Ruins

Updated on February 17, 2013

For no lack of trying, Isaac still can't manage to catch up to Danik. The villain has made his way to a set of Alien Ruins, deep below the surface of Tau Voltanis, and he's trying to use the Codex to set off the ancient Machine that keeps the moon above the planet from becoming whole. Sounds weird, but it boils down to stopping the bad guy. Sounds good.

Check around your landing spot at the bottom of the Research Silo for various items (including an Alien Artifact), power up the generator so you can use the Bench, and head through the door. Inside are various items and a Text Log. Try to open the next door and a message will play nearby, explaining more about the moon that appears to be the ultimate villain in this story. After it's done you'll have to use a proper sequence of sounds to get through the next door; the combination is in the picture beside this text. (If you turn on subtitles the game will practically give you the code as you approach the console.)

Go through the next two doors and you'll get your first look at the machine in the distance. Whoa. Isaac and Carver will have a heart-to-heart before hearing Danik somewhere down below. Check to your left for some containers, then follow the catwalks right and down into the Ruins. To your right at the next split is a battery you can use in a housing to your left. (There's also an Upgrade Circuit sitting on a ledge near the container with the battery.) Putting the battery in place will activate explosives; get out of the way while they clear the path ahead.

Get out of the way before Danik's men can shoot at you around the next bend. There's another battery-explosives pairing here, and near some rubble you can find a Unitologist Artifact. (Look to the left of the explosives pile.) Go back and grab another battery to light up more explosives beyond. This will take out the bridge -

- dump you right in front of Danik -

- and when all is said and done, Isaac has the Codex! Pretty sweet, that. You're solo again; make your way forward. Through the rubble a Rosetta Necromorph will emerge and come at you. Shoot out its legs for a quick enough kill. There will also be three small, exploding creatures. Either shoot them or, if you feel lucky, roll backwards when they get close. You should have just enough time to clear the small explosion they let off.

The path splits ahead. To the left you'll find a bypass panel leading to an optional mission, Investigate Artifact Storage. To the right is another panel requiring a combination of sounds and symbols. The combination is again in the accompanying picture.

Choice time. Main mission or side mission? For the purposes of this walkthrough, there is no choice: let's Investigate Artifact Storage, and hope the people inside don't want to eat Isaac too much. (Even if you decide not to pursue the mission in earnest, you may want to use the elevator anyway - it leads to a Bench and a Suit Kiosk.)


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