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Demolition City Game App For iPhone - Tips, Demo Cheats & Level Walkthroughs

Updated on January 16, 2012

If you are looking for Demolition City app tips, hints, cheats and level walkthroughs then you are in the right place. In this article we will review the new iPhone game demolition city, look for any tips and hints for the app, see if there are any cheats for demolition city and also see if we can come up with any handy level walkthroughs to get you through some of the harder levels such as level 12 and level 31 on the game.

The demolition city iPhone game is closely based on the flash game which has been around for a while now. Demolition city is currently a free download from the app store and is one of the most popular games around at the moment. If you want a good fun puzzle app that will have you addicted in no time then this one could be it. So now let’s take a closer look at the demo city app.

Demolition City Game


When you open the app up you are taken to the menu screen. From here you can select ‘play’, you can view the ‘credits, check out ‘view tutorial’ or you have the option of resetting all the levels you have played. The first thing you should do if you are new to the game is view the tutorial. This is a simple guide on how to play the game, the controls are fairly simple to pick up and after just a few minutes you should have worked it all out.

If you click ‘play’ you are taken to the level selection menu. There are six different worlds to play. However, only the first world is unlocked. To unlock the others you must complete the worlds in order. On the first world there are five levels to play. As with the worlds, you must complete the levels in order to unlock new ones. In total there are 45 levels in the game, however it is thought that there will be new levels brought out in the near future.

When you enter the game, the idea is pretty simple. As the name demolition city suggests, you must demolish buildings. So you are presented with a structure. You must add dynamite to the structure to knock it down. On each level there is a minimum height line which you must knock your building down below to complete the level. At first you start with just one stick of dynamite, but as you earn money for completing levels you can purchase better explosives for getting the job done. You can pick up bonuses for the damage you cause and for how low the structure falls. If you are not happy with where you have placed your explosives you can click the reset button and start over.

Tips, Hints, Cheats & Level Walkthroughs


If you want some tips and hints for demolition city then we can have a look at a few. On some of the more advanced levels there are statues or even fire hydrants which you should try and avoid to score more points. This can be very difficult, but if you place your explosives on one side of a structure you can often get the building to topple away from the items you are trying to avoid. Another tips is to make use of the smaller sticks of dynamite. On the more advanced levels when you have purchased all the explosives, the temptation is just to use the big guns, however, placing lots of smaller charges often works well. One tip is to try a certain set of explosives more than once. Often even if you don’t change anything you will find the structure collapses in a completely different way. So if you almost complete a level with a certain set up, simply try the same method again and you may get lucky.

Some people will probably be looking for cheats for demolition city. Currently there are no cheats for the game. However, this is still quite a new iPhone game so it may be that someone tries to come up with a few in the near future. For now though you will just have to try and complete the game on your own.

I usually try and give people a few level walkthroughs when I review the games. There are a few level walkthroughs for demolition city that we can look at. Basically it’s all about where you lay your charges. One hard level seems to be level 12. The maximum height line on this level is quite low. One way to complete this level is to use 100 small charges! Cover all the structure in these and they will blow to pieces, there is some sections you can not use the small charges on but these should fall down anyway. Give this method a try and you should complete level 12. Another really hard level is level 31. On level 31 you have a massive amount of material to clear. Again covering the structure in smaller charges is a good way to complete this one. This should blow most of the structure to pieces and leave enough room for the top blocks to fall below the line. This may not work first time but if you try it a few times you should manage to complete level 31.

The demolition city app for the iPhone really is a good fun little game. If you like the original flash version there is no reason why you won’t enjoy this one just as much. The game is easy to play and can be quite a challenge on some levels so it becomes very addictive. So if you want a good fun free iPhone game, download demolition city.


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