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DOTA Hero Tips: Bone Fletcher

Updated on October 25, 2012
Bone Fletcher Profile
Bone Fletcher Profile

Clinx the Bone Fletcher

Agility heroes usually rely on high physical attack and unparalleled attack rate for offense. And Bone Fletcher is without a doubt one of the strongest agility heroes in DOTA if we talk about these properties alone. His skills can boost her attack speed and damage. He can also move like an assassin because of his third skill which grants invisibility and greatly improves his movement speed in a certain period of time. Probably the only weakness of Bone Fletcher is his measly innate health points. A horrifying skill combination from intelligence heroes like Shadow Demon and Slayer can kill him in a matter of seconds. Despite this obvious flaw, Bone Fletcher is still a viable hero especially if your team lacks a carry. As long as you survive the early stage of the game without being food to enemy heroes, you’ll certainly be very effective during the late game. Are you interested to use this hero in your next DOTA game? Here are crucial tips that must be considered to unleash the true power of Clinx the Bone Fletcher.

Bone Fletcher Skills
Bone Fletcher Skills


This skill allows Bone Fletcher to eliminate squishy heroes in an instant as it grants bonus attack speed. Upgrading this skill during the early stage of the game is imperative as it can be used not only to kill enemy heroes but push lanes as well. This skill works well with Bone Fletcher’s Searing Arrow. Have you noticed most experienced Bone Fletcher users purchase Buriza Do Kyanon as one of his main items? Buriza Do Kyanon requires high attack speed to be effective and this skill made Bone Fletcher a perfect hero for such a powerful item.

Searing Arrow

Unlike what most DOTA beginners deem, this skill can affect buildings so it’s perfect for pushing. Simply activate auto-casting and use Bone Fletcher’s first skill given you have plenty of creeps to take tower hits. This skill is not only effective in destroying towers but in killing enemy heroes as well. It adds a decent amount of bonus damage granting Bone Fletcher an obvious advantage especially against heroes with low innate health points. But then again, this skill drains mana points per arrow so carefully deciding when to use it is imperative. Remember not to drain all your mana points for this skill and set aside enough for you to cast Wind Walk if ever you need a quick escape.

Wind Walk

This is Bone Fletchers primary defensive skill. With perfect timing, it can negate skills that are thrown like Rouge Knight’s Storm Bolt and Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile. Bone Fletcher’s Wind Walk drastically boosts his movement speed as well so simply buying a Gem of True Sight, Dust of Appearance, or placing Sentry Wards won’t be enough to counter it. With this skill, Bone Fletcher can move from one side of the map to another in a matter of seconds making him a perfect hero for ganking. The skill’s duration in the 4TH level overlaps its cooldown time so Bone Fletcher can be permanently invisible given he has a decent mana regeneration rate.

Death Pack

Bone Fletcher’s ultimate skill is not as great compared to what most heroes have. Nevertheless, it somehow makes it easier for him to cope with his main weakness. This skill allows him to consume a neutral, ally, or enemy creep. He then gains bonus damage and heals based on the unit’s health points. During team clashes, Clinx can swiftly cast this spell to a nearby creep to regain health in an instant and grab advantage in battle. This skill can also help him gain instant cash by casting it on neutral creeps with high amount of bounty.

Early Game

Bone Fletcher is an efficient harasser in the early stage of a DOTA game because of his second skill. Enemy creeps won’t turn their aggressiveness on you if you cast the mentioned skill while targeting enemy heroes in your lane. Remember to focus on one target and prefer an opposing hero with low health points and armor. If ever he insists to stay on the lane despite receiving so much damage, signal your lane partner for help. Cast your third skill and sneak behind him. Activate your first skill and auto-cast your second to provide him with no time to escape. Just bully enemy heroes in your lane as much as possible and grab a kill if given the chance. You can also use Bone Fletcher’s second skill for last hitting creeps.

Mid Game

Bone Fletcher is great for late game ambushes. With his third skill he can easily chase fleeing enemy heroes who took heavy damage after a team clash and eliminate them swiftly with his first and second skill combination. Purchasing an Orchid of Malevolence is a must for Bone Fletcher. This item does not only boost his attack speed but also grants added mana points and regeneration enough for him to cast all of his skills almost any time. Moreover, this item can silence an enemy hero making Bone Fletcher a lot safer from nukers. In this stage of the game, simply join ambushes and grab kills to earn both experience and gold.

Late Game

This stage of the game is all about crucial team clashes. Perfect positioning is important for survival so be extra cautious. It’s highly advised that you stay behind ally strength heroes during team clashes. Let them receive most enemy hits since it’s what they are good at. Your main role is to attack either the enemy carry or intelligence-type heroes with low defensive properties. You’re an easy target so be ready to cast your third skill if enemy attacks are suddenly directed towards you. A Black King Bar can help you deal with intelligence type heroes while having The Butterfly in your inventory can make it harder for enemy heroes who use physical attack for offense to eliminate you.

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