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DOTA Hero Tips: Broodmother

Updated on October 30, 2012
Broodmother Profile
Broodmother Profile

Black Arachnia the Broodmother

Agility type DOTA heroes usually rely on attack speed and high physical damage to be effective in battle. But it’s not the case if we refer to Broodmother. She highly excels on pressuring lanes than being a team’s carry. Broodmother is one of the few agility type heroes in DOTA who can easily survive the early part of the game without getting harassed. Her second skill provides invisibility and bonus regeneration rate in a certain area enough for Broodmother to survive even up against known DOTA early game harassers like Sacred Warrior and Drow Ranger. Her third skill provides evasion so she won’t be easily defeated if the battle is purely based on physical attacks. However, this hero is extremely weak against heroes with good AOE spells since she will still take damage even under the refuge of her Spin Web. Despite this flaw, Broodmother is still regarded as one of the most reliable agility type heroes in DOTA mainly because she can perform well all throughout the game consistently. Before you proceed in using this hero on your next DOTA game, here are some important tips that you should know to successfully spread fear among enemy ranks with the might of Black Arachnia the Broodmother.

Broodmother Skills
Broodmother Skills

Spawn Spiderlings

This is the skill which made Broodmother an excellent lane pusher. She can spawn a number of controllable small spiders with decent damage and health points. Their number will continue to amass after killing one creep after another. Enemy heroes with no AOE spell will definitely have a hard time dealing with a Broodmother user who focuses in using this skill. Aside from pushing lanes, this skill can also be used to deliver the killing blow if ever the target decides to flee since it packs a considerable amount of damage.

Spin Web

Broodmother’s defensive arsenal entirely depends on this skill. Although it can be easily countered with a Sentry Ward, this skill also boosts Broodmother’s health regeneration rate so upgrading and using it especially against early game bullies is a must. This skill can also be used to scout the enemy jungle as it provides vision in a certain area. The webs produced by Broodmother can’t be destroyed and will never deplete unless he decides to construct a new one despite reaching the limit.

Incapacitating Bite

Majority of Broodmother users love this skill as it can greatly slow a target and make it much vulnerable. Only a few heroes in DOTA can survive an ambush after being affected by this skill. Aside from slowing down a target, this skill grants Broodmother with decent evasion rate leaving her enemies no good option. However, this skill is an orb effect so it will not work if Broodmother wields a Maelstorm, Stygian Dessolator, or any other attack modifying items.

Insatiable Hunger

Broodmother can fight head to head with even the most powerful attack-type heroes in DOTA with her ultimate skill activated. It allows her to gain an insane amount of health points in every attack and bonus damage enough to out power any agility or strength type hero. Perhaps the only way to stop Broodmother while this skill is activated is through bash or a disabling spell. If Broodmother manages to wield a Black King Bar, intelligence type heroes will find it very challenging to stop her.

Early Game

Broodmother can either jungle or stay on a lane during the early stages of the game. It all depends on your team’s composition. If you lack someone who can be effective in the jungle like Lifestealer and Enchantress, proceed to killing neutral creeps to easily gain experience and gold. Doing so will also provide more opportunities to the hero who will solely cover a lane. However, you must know when to stop. Be involved in lane pushing after you maxed out your first skill. Upgrading your second skill at least two levels will provide you with a much better chance to escape if ever enemy heroes will try to hunt you hunt.

Mid Game

Be sure to purchase items that can support your need for mana. Spam your first skill and pressure enemy lanes. Buying a Boots of Travel is a brilliant idea to confuse enemy heroes and leave them chasing for you endlessly. They may not notice it but chasing you from one side of the map to another eventually slows down their experience and gold gain. Join ambushes if you are near the battle grounds but proceed on pushing if you’re not. The enemy team will have a hard time stopping unless they have a member with a reliable cleaving attack or AOE spell. If this is the case, focus on your third and ultimate skill to hunt enemy heroes.

Late Game

Broodmother is an agility type hero so her true power will be revealed during this part of the game. With high attack speed and physical damage, she is capable of killing even the toughest tankers in DOTA like Centaur Warchief and Axe, with ease. However, this can only be possible if her user managed to gain decent items like Buriza Do Kyanon, the Butterfly, and Black King Bar. These are the three most important items for Broodmother so focus on any of them early on. During team clashes, your role is to eliminate annoying intelligence type heroes and cripple the enemy team’s carry with your third skill. Let your underlings participate in the battle since their attacks can slow down enemy heroes in a certain extent which is helpful during chases.

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