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Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Contracts Tips

Updated on June 20, 2013

Why Contract Cards

No matter how much you like building your ultimate team, at some point your going to need to field them and see how well they do against real opposition, this is fine apart from the fact that every time you field a player he loses one game off of his contracts available. Every fresh new player out of a pack will have a contract of 7, which surprise surprise means he can play 7 games before he is then rendered useless, Once they have run out you can purchase more or just leave them to rot, You certainly wont be able to sell them that's for sure.

So what im going to do is to tell you the easiest way of getting all of your squad onto long contracts and how to get contract cards on the cheap. This will definitely help you keep a squad that is going to be ready for battle.


How does having a manager help me when it comes to contracts, well its quite simple, managers will give you a multiplier when it comes to adding contract cards, the more managers you have, IE for your team and then the rest stored in your squad the more of a multiplier you can receive, I have added a 28 contract card before but actually received 39 contracts for my player when I added it.

This is very important as you can see from reading above, all managers will give you a boost to your contract cards, the least with a bronze manager and the most with a shiny (Rare) manager. All managers you receive must be kept and stored in your club to get the most out of this and receive the best help when gaining contract cards!!.

Having A Good Squad

Having a good squad of players and rotating them every game is a good way of making sure the contracts on your best players do not run out too quickly, Of course you would rather play a 86 rated player than an 81 but sometimes needs must, Try and replace like for like players and if you have to swap good players for poorer ones, just make sure your poorer ones are fairly fast as this will help greatly.

If you just rotate say two players then it shouldn't greatly effect your 1st team too much and you should still get the results you are after, Squad rotation plays a huge part in keeping your contracts going for longer.

Dont Be Lazy

Yes that's right I'm talking to you!!, Don't be lazy when it comes time to buy contract cards, we all like to just go in there and buy from the first page any of the gold contract cards that are at a reasonable price, Whats the point, If you scroll back a few pages to at least page 6 or 7 you will find some bargains.

I can usually pick up a 28 gold contract card for between 150-200 coins, All you need to do is to set up your search criteria right, Put your Max BIN to say 200 or 250 coins and scroll away, You can then make sure your top 4 players are contracted up to the hilt for less than a thousand coins, Plus if you have lots of staff modifiers as mentioned above this figure can hit 39 or 40 games for each player for less than 300 coins, what a bargain.


So there you have it, a quick and easy guide to buying and retaining your contracts easier, It is quite simple really, I never really had a problem with contracts as I spend probably 85% of my time trading rather than playing as I need my team to be just right before going out onto the pitch, Try getting some contract cards cheap and then squad rotation and I'm sure you will be having the same sort of success I have. Thanks for reading guys, Please like, share and vote up if this hub has helped you out, and check out below some of my other great Fifa hubs. Thanks.


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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 5 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      Thanks glad I could help!!

    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      nice tips, i always buy the first contracts i see lol, will have to change now