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Fizzball - A Computer Game For Any Age

Updated on April 11, 2010

Finding safe and friendly computer games these days can be quite a challenge. With both a teenager and elementary age children in the house, I am always looking for computer games that we can all play and enjoy. Fizzball was one of the first games we found that everyone could play. At the time we got it, my youngest was just 4 years old, but wanted to be able to play the same games his siblings were playing.

With Fizzball's different settings, it is fun to play as an adult, but more importantly, my youngest could easily play it by himself.

The premise of the game is that Professor Fizzlewizzle has been called to rescue and feed all the abandoned animals on the islands and take them to the Animal Sanctuary. Alongthe way he will discover why the island was abandoned! To rescue the animals and collect food for them, he is employing his new invention called a Fizzball.

It is a simple game similar to the original Breakout game. You bounce a ball into the top of the screen to break through obstructions, and capture the animals and food. The ball grows in size as animals and food occupy it. Your "paddle" is Professor Fizzlewizzle in his rocket car on train tracks at the bottom of the screen which you use to bounce the ball back into the scene.

As you break through some of the boxes and other obstacles, you will often find coins or bonuses released that can be collected. You need to use the Fizzball to collect the coins, and the bonuses need to be caught with the paddle before they drop off the screen. Aside from the main path of the more than 180 levels over three islands, there are also bonuses paths of multiple levels where you have the opportunity to capture the aliens responsible. The levels are all bright with cheery, cute animals and scenes. Even the aliens are cute and friendly looking!

One of our favorite features of Fizzball, is that it offers a Kid's Mode setting that installs a permanent bouncy boundary at the bottom of the screen. This allows even the youngest of children to play Fizzball on their own, without worrying about losing the ball and the game.

You can visit your Animal Sanctuary at any time to see all the animals that you have rescued, and any badges you have been awarded. I the Animal Sanctuary, information about each animal comes up as you point on it. With over 60 species of animals it is quite fun to go visit them in the Animal Sanctuary, and can be a great start off point for a science lesson about the animals you are rescuing!

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