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Purrfect Pet Shop

Updated on April 11, 2010

Grandma has asked for your help. She hasn't been feeling well, and needs you to take over the animal adoption center, Purrfect Pet Shop, while she is away on vacation recovering. Choose your character. Next pick your perfect pet, as it has just been brought into the shelter and needs to be cared for, brought back to health, and gotten ready to be adopted. Customer donations fund your upgrades, while winning the trust of your pet earns you hearts to buy toys and treats for them.

Purrfect Pet Shop is a fantastic time management game for every member of the family to have their own character on and enjoy! It has a special Kid's Mode, in addition to the Junior, Normal, and Hard Modes. I went with the normal setting, and found it to be enjoyable, but challenging. My five year old enjoys playing this by himself in the Kid's Mode. My 8 year old uses the Junior level and finds it manageable.

You start the game by choosing a pet that is found as a stray for you to take care of. You are given time to take care of your special pet at the end of each day. Your pet will provide you with a picture list of all the things he or she wants at the bottom of the screen. Your challenge is to provide all of want they want before time runs out, and also to increase their trust (heart) level by ordering what they need and what they want in a balanced way.

During the day, you are running the animal adoption center, Purrfect Pet Shop. Take care of the animals by fulfilling their needs shown in picture bubbles above their heads. You will be able to feed them, give them water, bathe them, and attend to their medical needs. Once they are cared for, match them to the customers requesting them. You are given the opportunity to ask the customer for four specific pieces of information about the pet they want to adopt, but your donation will be higher if you can match them with fewer clues. Your donation will also be higher if you can match them correctly on the first try.

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