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Peggle Deluxe

Updated on July 8, 2011

Peggle Deluxe is a fantastic computer game that my whole family loves! It is an arcade style game similar to computer pinball, but completely different. With the ability to work through the story to improve your skills, the quick play mode, and the multi-player mode, this game gets turned on all the time! Since screen shots of your plays can be saved, we pull this game up just just to laugh at the replays!

As you hit the pegs, you clear them from the screen. Your goal is to remove all of the orange pegs from the screen, and you get 10 balls to do it in. You can earn extra balls by reaching certain scores in a single shot. With enough points, you can even score Extreme Fever! Hit enough orange pegs in one shot for an Orange Attack bonus! Planning out a bank shot could gain you a long distance bonus, and perhaps even bonus points for style. When you clear all the orange pegs, the bottom of the screen changes to reveal point openings of different values divided by bumpers. Landing in the right opening can end the level in a spectacular display of fireworks!

Play through the lessons of 10 adorable and unique teachers to learn each of their special secrets. Some of your teachers include a cat from Egypt teaching you how to use the pyramid secret, a rabbit who teaches you how to use the magic hat, and a lobster who shows you how to use lobster claws as pinball flippers. Once you get done with all 55 levels with the teachers, you can progress to the 75 advanced levels. Do you only have a few minutes, or is there a favorite level that you want to play? From the main menu you can choose to play any level that has already been passed.

With several children playing on the same computer, multiplayer games almost always rank high in our house! One of our favorite features of Peggle Deluxe is the ability to challenge a friend to a duel. You each get the same number of balls, and take turns trying to hit the most orange pegs. The player with the highest score at the end wins the duel. Our second favorite feature is the ability to save all those great shots to show them off to friends. We have quite a collection of favorites shots on our hard drive that we pull up when we need a good laugh or some inspiration!

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