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Wonderburg - Time Management for All Ages

Updated on April 11, 2010

Younger children love to be able to play the same games on the computer as mom and dad, or their older siblings. Wonderburg is the first time management game I have run across with multiple settings that make it easy enough to be played by 5 year olds, and still fun enough for the parents to want to play! With it's family friendly theme and safe play, it is one game you will love to "bring home" for the kids. With the goofy story line, it is a game they will love to play!

Wonderburg is an enchanting time management strategy game that will have you chasing giants, zapping away ghoulish pirates, dealing with snarling dragons, exorcising spirits, and more as you rebuild villages across the land. Follow the path of destruction through everything from snowy cliffs to lush farmland. Hire dwarves to be you laborers, and use your spells to safegaurd the villages, as you journey across the land.

Wonderburg holds such charm that everyone will enjoy it. You are cast as the friendly, and witty, witch, who is joined by a dwarf friend, as you travel the path of footsteps from a giant who is destroying villages across the land. Travel to each of these villages, repairing the houses, and building other structures as you go. In some villages you will find other distractions that need to be conquered, such as a ship full of ghostly pirates who have taken over the town, or spirits moving in to haunt houses that need to be exorcised. As this game offers both a timed mode and a relaxed mode, it is a game that the entire family can enjoy playing.

My boys were drawn in by the colorful, friendly graphics. But, it was the characters themselves that hooked them. The loved the fact that there were ghost pirates that they needed to zap, or houses that needed to be exorcised. On the relaxed, untimed mode, they found that they could play the game by themselves! This is a great game for the whole family!

*Pre-readers will still need help with this game while learning the icons, to know what the goals for each level are, and to enjoy the cut scenes between the levels.

The Best Price Around

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