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Halo Reach Energy Sword Tips

Updated on October 25, 2010

Energy Sword tips

Halo's iconic energy sword returns to Halo Reach. This is a powerful weapon that the player can utilize against enemies. Originally a covenant weapon, but the humans can also use it. This weapon can give the player an advantage in matchmaking. The energy sword is devastating and is greatly feared when in close quarters combat. All the close quarters map will have the energy sword located somewhere on the map. Knowing where the energy sword spawns on each map will benefit the player. Keep in mind where its located on each map, so you can beat the opposing team to it. The energy sword can only be used so many times before its out of use. The player can strike 10 times then it will lose all its energy. The energy sword is of course strictly a melee weapon and is useless otherwise. Stalking and being stealthy is key to gaining kills with this weapon. Being out in wide open areas is generally a bad idea unless other players do not see you.

1. Using sprint with the energy sword

Many times when players see you with the energy sword they will back up. Many times this can cause you to be killed because your not within strike range. Having the sprint ability equipped allows you to be more mobile and close in for the kill. This is a good strategy if players are farther away from you or tend to run away. This can also work better if you absolutely have to go out in the open and need to move in fast.

2.Stay Crouched to be stealthy

Crouching makes you invisible on radar. This is very important especially when you have the energy sword in Halo Reach. Remember people will generally fear the sword and will run away and shoot you from a distance. If you can maintain stealth(being quiet,sneaky) then they won't see you coming more than likely. Crouching behind doorways or other cover areas is a smart move. Another time to crouch is when your shields are down. If you eliminate an enemy then the other players may come looking from you. Decrease your chance of being found as fast, and crouch until your shields regenerate and move!

Halo Reach Energy sword tips

3.Using Active Camouflage load out for maximum stealth

Using this load out can make you extremely stealthy when using the energy sword if used correctly. The active camo will make you invisible for a certain period of time. Using this will increase your chances of getting close to nearby enemies. This is great to use in conjunction with the energy sword. Make sure to still crouch at times though to be invisible on radar as well. Active camo is best used when your hurt and need to escape. It also increases your chances of not being seen when sneaking around. Don't overuse this though cause it takes time to recharge

4. Using armor lock with energy sword and watching out for people using armor lock

This load out is the less stealthy approach, but may save your life. When other players see you with the sword they may throw grenades at you and armor lock is great to avoid death from grenades. Armor lock is also good if your not able to get in striking range and are low on health. This class is best used when attacking with your team mates. (especially in wider open areas) Also keep in mind that others may use armor lock in order to avoid your strike from the sword. If they continue to do this then flank them more often so they don't see what's coming.

Depending on how others play will dictate the best load out for the situation. If they tend to rush, then armor lock may be a better idea to protect yourself. If they tend to run away from you, then use the sprint class or active camo in conjunction with the energy sword. The jetpack is generally a bad load out to use with the energy sword. It gives your position away and decreases your chances of getting in range of other players. Using the energy sword is all about getting in striking range and taking enemies by surprise.


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      michaelhimpson 5 years ago

      hi trevor i got it from a mate so here is there contact

      and some info , there there most competitive in the game ,say myself give you there number

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      urmom12 5 years ago

      nice advice and tips,great info to

    • MartoArmory profile image

      MartoArmory 6 years ago

      Nice info, long live Halo!

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Nothing is more tense then a 3 or 4 hit energy sword battle.

    • profile image

      isaac 6 years ago

      thanks a lot,

      I am new to halo , so my first halo is the reach edition.

      It really helped me a lot!

      thank you very much,

      @JR, why do you look for ''Halo Reach Energy Sword Tips''

      if you are a beast with it?

    • profile image

      JR 6 years ago

      Well im beast with energy swords i don't need these tips