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How To Be Good At Fifa 12

Updated on May 3, 2015

Tip 1

When you have the ball, your main focus should be on keeping it rather than scoring immediately.

If you can keep the ball and move it around, the opposing team will start getting pulled out of position and when they do this it will open up space that your more attacking players will run into and create opportunities.

Tip 2

When you don't have the ball, do not move your defenders out of position. All this does is opens up space for the opponents to move into. A good tip is to take control of a midfielder and make them chase the ball, while the defence sits back.

Tip 3

Never slide tackle when defending. There is a high chance of getting sent off even when you think you've done a good tackle, and if you get it wrong they will probably score. Instead, jockey the opponent. This means they have to pass backwards or produce something amazing to get past you.

Tip 4

You don't have to use tricks and skills to take on a player. Sometimes the most effective way is just to utilise the new 360 degree dribbling system, by turning this way and that you confuse the defender and then can use the right stick for a burst of pace to get past him.

Tip 5

Use your players! If you're playing as Stoke, run down the wings with their fast wingers and cross to Peter Crouch, don't try to play passing football as it won't work! If you're Barcelona, rarely cross as Messi upfront isn't going to beat many people in the air. Adapt your tactics to what team you are and who you're playing.

Tip 6

Create a custom tactic. Similar to number 5, but it really helps. If you like to play counterattacking football, set attack speed higher, however if you like to pass it around and control the game, set it low.

Tip 7

Be Patient. When defending, be patient and keep your shape and you will soon get the ball. When attacking, pass the ball about in front of the other team's defence, you will pull them out of shape. The longer you keep the ball, the more space will open up for you to exploit.

Tip 8

This is the one tip that is the most important. If you use this it is very hard for your opponent to get through. When the other team has the ball in your half, never take control of a defender unless you absolutely need to.

All you will do is pull your defense out of shape and open up space. Instead , you take control of a defensive or centre midfielder and make him drop back into almost an extra defender. This makes it very difficult to get through as you have a 5 man defense, while the computer controls your defense better than most players can themselves.

Tip 9

Shoot when you get the chance. On Fifa 12 more than any other version, I've noticed if you shoot anywhere around the 18 yard box you have a good chance of scoring. If you're one on one, do a finesse shot into the corner. 9 times out of 10 you will score.

However, chipping is extremely ineffective compared to previous iterations, so try to avoid that.

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