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How To Set Download And Upload Limits In Your Running Processes So They Will Not Affect Your Ping In Online Games

Updated on August 15, 2012

It is well known among computer video gamers that downloading files while playing an online game is not advised; the added speed loss due to the connections for the download and the resulted loss of bandwidth affects the games really much. Online games will respond worse, the ping will be way higher and the total gaming experience will worsen drastically. Those of you who have tried downloading files or torrents while playing online have surely felt the terrible way the game responds; your actions do not reflect immediately at what the hero does in the game but with a delay which causes unwanted effects in games. This is the effect of low speed or high ping, if you prefer, and is something that players always want to avoid.

NetBalancer main window.
NetBalancer main window.

In those circumstances, what gamers usually do is stop the downloads and uploads completely. But what can someone do if the download is really needed, or if there is no access to stopping the download (for example updates in softwares which occur in the background)?

NetBalancer is a tool which monitors and adjusts Internet traffic and is supported by Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7. It comes in free version which can set up limits in up to 5 processes and in paid version which has no limitations of usage. With NetBalancer you can set priorities of download, thus creating your own rules in bandwidth usage.

When the application is downloaded and installed, you will be able to see processes and running software in the main window of the program. Through the green (download) and red (upload) arrows located at the top toolbar you can adjust the relative priorities for download/upload.

In download rules, you can set, from left to right, low, normal or high priority, set a particular limit of download speed, totally block the internet connection or let it completely free. Similar settings are able to be performed on Upload, too.

Through the red icon with the dot in the middle you can revert all changes you have done; this is useful if some of your adjustments have caused unwanted effects. Through this button you can return to default values.
Through Level Security option, you can set how the priorities will work and what their speed difference will be. This will affect all other priority rules so you can adjust this value so it matches your needs and your network connection speed.

In Settings, you can change multiple options of how the application works. Here you can opt to let it auto-start with the operating system, set network limits for the whole network traffic and design your own rules related to download and upload speeds.


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