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How To Use Aion Trade Broker To Make Much Money

Updated on December 22, 2012
The window interface of the trade broker system.
The window interface of the trade broker system.

Aion is one of the most popular MMORPG games at the moment; it is not particularly fresh, but it is so full of features that can keep many followers still. What's more, the introduction of the Free To Play feature increased the community members, since not all players could afford the monthly subscription fee. The game is still awesome and the updates keep it up-to-date.

The game's auction system, called the Trade Broker, is one of the best ways to make in-game money for your character. Through it you can buy and sell items that have not been soulbound (those will have to be sold at shops); thing is, as with any auction houses in real life or gaming, knowing how to take advantage of it will let you be able to distinguish the real offers and manage some great financial deals.

The tricks you can try to manipulate broker are many; I will mention some here.

1. Know what typical prices for materials are; this will involve regular checks at the broker on standard materials which sell much and frequently, such as ores, aether and plants (and other gatherables), stigma shards and stones, equipment and other drops. Take some notes on what the price are at regular time intervals for some of these items, because it is well known that the prices fluctuate and you wouldn't want to sell your gatherables when the prices are low. After few days of simply watching, you will have a fair idea on what items seem to sell much and often, and which ones don't attract much interest and should be avoided.

2. Your notes are ready; let's say you now know that orichalcum ore sells very well at server's nighttime. Venture out to spots where orichalcum is in large quantities and start gathering it massively. This of course requires that your gathering skill is high enough, but frankly, if you want to be rich in the game you WILL have to keep gathering often. When you have enough at hand, start selling.

3. Be cautious when you have started selling items; if you sell large bunches, your price must be lower for each than if you sell small ones; for example, if you sell 100 ores with a price of 4000 each, a bunch of 50 ores could sell for a price of 4300 each or so. This is a general rule of thumb which works in real life economy too and is actually quite obvious; if your customer needs only few ores, he would pay a bit more for each of them.

4. Do not flood the broker; if you place too much for sale of the same item, chances are they will take way longer to sell and will keep your broker sales window still full. If you want to make money out of broker, your sales should always be full and selling constantly; any delay will cause further problems, especially if you are rushing. The best choice here, and with the example of orichalcum ore again, is sell some bunches of 20, some of 50 and some of 100 pieces. These will attract different kinds of customers and will keep the sales going (but don't forget to adjust the prices for each as explained in 3).

Trade broker window showing a search result for the term "Minor Acc F".
Trade broker window showing a search result for the term "Minor Acc F".

5. Now we will backtrack a bit, explaining another advantage you will have when following strategic tip showed at 1. Watching the broker prices will not only let you know which is the best time to sell your items, but also will prove to wield for you exceptional offers. Everyone makes mistakes and Aion gamers do many of them; it is not rare that you find items which typically sell for 300k at prices of 1k or less. You will want to buy at once any item you see at severely lower price than other sellers, because you can resell it later for a good profit. Additionally, make sure you are not the one who makes such mistakes - plan your prices carefully and pay attention when typing the amount for which you sell your items.

6. A tip which will be very effective for your financial condition is use some strategic way to hunt for large bunches of one item (which sell for low price each). This will involve using some other techniques to make some initial income, because buying a large quantity of materials will need an investment.
Take for example the orichalcum ore (again!); some seller is in sudden urge to sell all his gathering materials at once with only one bunch. To make it look attractive he sells at low price for each, 2k only, but sells 1000 pieces. That's 2 millions of kinah to buy these. But you know what? Once you relieve the seller of their burden, you can re-bunch the ores in smaller amounts and resell for higher. If your choice of material is good (based on your watching technique), then the bunches you sell will generate a huge profit for you.

7. Most gathering materials in Aion have different qualities; there is the simple aether, for example, then the greater aether, the pure aether and the brilliant aether. Brilliant can be converted to 3 Pure (with double click on it in your inventory), Pure into 3 Greater, and so on. With simple mathematics you realize that 1 brilliant aether will actually consist of 27 simple aethers. Which brings us to a trick which might make other players annoyed, but is good strategy anyway. Supposing you notice a sale of brilliant aether (or other higher quality material) at a good price you will need to apply your calculations and notice how much the price would be if it was converted in simple aether. Typically, it is indeed very worth it that you buy higher quality materials for relatively cheap, then convert them to simple ones and resell. This can generate profit, but involves some risks; sometimes, higher quality mats sell more often than their simple ones. This means you will only delay your sales if you keep buying-converting-selling the simple. Maybe, in our brilliant aether example, it would be wiser if you keep some pure and greater from your conversions, because they sell fast. And remember, you DO need some capital for your broker manipulation techniques.

8. You can combine some crafts with these broker skills you have by now. If you are cooking, go on for perer aether jelly, it sells much. If you are crafting accessories, some low level jewelry will sell very often and will be really cheap to make, especially if you gather the ingredients yourself. Notice once again how price differs at specific times of day and week; typically, jellies will sell much when events or sieges are to occur. Same goes for health and mana potions, if you have leveled some alchemy.

9. Keep more than one characters; even if you are not interested in leveling more than one character, the added warehouse space and added broker selling slots will prove very useful. With one character you only got specific (limited) amount of inventory and warehouse and only 10 slots for selling items. With 4 characters you can quadruple those amounts. Additionally, you can always organize your sales, by knowing which character sells what and at what bunches sizes; the main character could sell perer jellies at 20 pieces, for example, while the small ones will sell them by 5 pieces only, but expensive. Both will sell!

Try to follow some or all of these tricks and let me know if they work for you or not! Please feel free to contact me with comments and suggestions.


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