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How To Manage And Organize Your Multimedia Files (Video, Music And MP3s)

Updated on August 18, 2012

Everywhere around us we have technological gadgets; most of computer users also have smartphones, portable MP3 or video players, possibly media centers next to TV, digital cameras, etc. All these devices handle GB's of multimedia files, and if used daily they are often completely full. This massive amount of data is stored in more than one or two devices and thus has a big risk of being lost. No-one would like to lose personal files of high importance, for example photos or videos from vacations.

That's where multimedia management is needed; with the use of a computer application, the user can keep track of all multimedia files and sort them out, no matter if they are not stored in the same device.

doubleTwist software main window
doubleTwist software main window

DoubleTwist is a complete multimedia management tool which can sync and sort files between computer and portable devices. The visual style of the application resembles Mac systems and in particular iTunes. It provides many features which can be helpful not only for daily use but also for time consuming functions, such as files conversion and backup.

Purchase opportunities directly form Amazon MP3 store.
Purchase opportunities directly form Amazon MP3 store.

User has the option to buy music directly from Amazon, with more than 10 million songs available. This feature, however, is not active for countries outside U.S.A.

Supported devices include virtually all smartphones (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian), digital cameras and camcorders, MP3 players and many portable video games consoles, such as DSi and PSP.

Download the file form the site. Bear in mind that during installation you need to be online, because it fetches additional files and libraries from its servers. The installation process, however, will not take long.

Music library inside doubleTwist application.
Music library inside doubleTwist application.

To complete the installation of the program, you need to register an account with it. When a device is connected on your computer, the software will identify the device and ask you what kind of files you would like to synchronize. You can view libraries, such as pictures, music or videos and see what files are included in each of them. You will find subcategories and filters which will help you locate a song easier, for example based on genre or date.

"Import From Web" feature can download files from YouTube or other services.
"Import From Web" feature can download files from YouTube or other services.

DoubleTwist provides useful functions which will speed up your multimedia related actions; you can choose to upload images directly to Flickr, upload videos to YouTube or play music through the window of the program; you can send files or playlists to your friends, create playlists with simple drag 'n' drop and move them to your devices, even import files from the web, for example import videos from YouTube by inserting the link (Import From Web option).

Probably the most important functionality is that you can have the files converted to a suitable format without having to choose which format; through the same program, you just need to move the file to your device and doubleTwist will automatically convert it to suitable filetype for your device. This feature is particularly useful because it eliminates the need for separate video conversion software.

Moreover, through this tool you are in less risk of data loss if one of your devices stops working; the files are also located in your computer and can be retrieved anytime.


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