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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Easter Egg SONG Location

Updated on February 2, 2015


In this guide I will show and tell you the locations where you can find the 3 locations for each items to start the Easter Egg song on Call of Duty Advanced Warfares Exo Zombies. While I was not a big fan of the song, and thought it lasted for a little bit too long, they still did the same thing almost every zombies game has incorporated by adding a song into the game.

If you have any questions please comment at the bottom of the page, and I will reply. Also you can message me on Twitter if you would like by going to .

Also I post a lot of zombie footage on Youtube so if you would like to see that just click HERE .

What are the songs ?

The songs that each zombies map incorporates are considered Easter Eggs. You must complete a step of activating 3 items which initially were teddy bears, which will then start a song that has been added to the game. In past Call of Duty games you would most typically hear rock songs performed and typically hear Avenged Sevenfold in some of the Zombies maps. In this game the song that you can unlock is 'The Flight Of The Valkyries' which plays for about 4 minutes.

The Three Locations

Before going any further I have attached a map below this showing you the three locations where these items can be found. This is designated by a star and will show you exactly where each of the items can be found. Also you do not have to activate these items in any particular order, I have activated each one in different orders already to test this theory out.

FIRST - The first item is right through the first doorway out of the spawn. If you go through the door that leads to the contamination machine you will continue through to the next room. You will then see a wrench that is stuck halfway out of the wall. This will be the first item you will locate. Just hit your action key ( X ) on Xbox and you will hear a sound letting you know that you have activated the first area.

SECOND - The second instrument to activate the Easter Egg is in the room with the upgrade machine. This is not the upgrade machine that is beside the wrench from step 1. You want to go to the other upgrade machine. Once you are here you will see an operating table right beside the upgrade machine. here you will see a surgical tool laying on that table. You want to hit the command button ( X ) on Xbox once again on this item and you should hear another sound.

THIRD - The third location is in the exo skeleton room. Here you want to walk over to the corner near the upgrade machine used after the main Easter Egg is completed. Here you will want to find the door that is partially opened with another operating table coming out of the door. You may not see an item on the table but there is a bone saw laying on that table that will be the third piece to your puzzle. Here you are going to want to hit the command key one last time which will then start your Easter Egg song.


Overall this zombies map brings back old memories of the zombies we all loved from Treyarchs Call of Duty games. I personally enjoy playing this zombies map and think it's a lot of fun to play. I will also be posting guides to show you how to do the Easter Egg soon. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions below.


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    • profile image

      No items to hold x on 3 years ago

      When I went to go complete this Easter egg, none of the items were where every tutorial showed them. The crack in the wall was there but no wrench, no bonesaw, no saw