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Lady Gaga Free Dress Up Game Review

Updated on October 5, 2010

The purpose of a game review is to allow people to quickly understand whether or not a particular game is worth playing. In this case of Lady Gaga Dress Up, a game which simply must be violating a bunch of copyrights and will probably end up getting itself sued, the game isn't even worth the risk the publisher is taking.

There is something of a warning in the stilted description for the game: 'Dress up the famous Lady who sings and dresses up quite differently than others and is quite famous all over the world. Dress up none other than the famous Lady Gaga herself in her weird yet amusing fashion clothes and get the groove on. Make sure to make this celebrity Lady Gaga look like herself understanding her different fashion choice.'

I undertook the challenge to make Lady Gaga look like herself understanding her different fashion choice, even though I didn't think anyone had really been far even as decided to use even go want do look more like.

But seriously, stilted nonsensical English aside, it's not worth wasting your time on this game at all. Why? Let me start with the low level complaints. For one, there is no sound. Most games at least play tinny canned music that makes you want to rip your ears off about three minutes into playing them. This game, ironically dedicated to a musician and singer, is played in an eerie silence broken only by the user's own cries of disgust.

Perhaps more egregiously however, the real problem with 'Lady Gaga Dress Up' is that it doesn't actually let you dress up Lady Gaga at all. Lady Gaga herself is only shown from the waist up, and the sum total of your role is to pick a top (from a massive range of six tops total) and smear make up all over her face. To give the game its limited due, when they allow you to make someone over, they really allow you to make someone over.

You can smush and smear eye liner, lighting bolts, spangly stars, earrings and more. You can change the hair too, however only two of the hairstyles are remotely Lady Gaga, one is perhaps a little Stephanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga's read name) and the rest have been randomly selected from the great digital wig archives. For reasons best known to itself, the game also allows you to change Lady Gaga's skin color. Is this a whimsical comment on the shallow nature of ethnicity? It could be, but it is probably not.

In summary, this game has all the charm of a washing machine thrown together in the back alley of a motorcycle chop shop. Pray do not waste thy time.


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