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Lego Minifigures Series 7 Bump Codes & Dot Codes

Updated on July 14, 2012

So as we mentioned in the video, today we are focusing on Lego Minifigures Series 7 and more importantly the bump codes or dot codes as they are sometimes known. We will try and give you the bump codes for series 7 and tell you how to work out exactly which Lego minifigure is contained in each bag. So if you are trying to complete your minifigure collection this page should help you out.

Lego Minifigures Series 7 came out in April of 2012. These collectable characters have been very popular for a few years now. The problem with them though is that they come in mystery bags so you don’t know which figure you are buying. On the earlier series’ you could actually read the bar codes to work out which figure was inside, Lego soon got wise to that however. So now we try and read the bump or dot codes on the packet to decide which figure is hidden inside. So let’s talk about dot codes for series 7.

Series 7 Minifigures

Series 7 Bump & Dot Codes

So for series 7 there are going to be 16 new minifigures. If you can work out the bump code system then you have a great chance of collecting them all quite easily. Otherwise you may just have to trust to luck. The bump or dot codes are found on the bottom panel of the packets. It is easiest to read these on the back and they show up as little bumps on the packaging. Sometimes they can be tough to spot but hold them up to the light and you should be able to make them out. Some people find standing in a shop and holding the packet up to the light while trying desperately to match dots up is a little to much for them, but if you are happy to do it, then it will help you complete your set.

So what of the bump codes for Lego series 7. Well currently we are really struggling to find any evidence of bumps. As you can see from our video, the Aztec Warrior didn’t seem to have any bumps on the packet. The Viking Woman looked to have four bumps, two close together on the right and two spread out on the left, but even these were very hard to see. Maybe Lego have got wise to this method and are no longer putting bumps on the back of packets. Maybe we were just unlucky and the packets we took a look at just didn’t have very clear bumps. Either way, if you are struggling with the bump codes method, there is another thing you can try.

Using The Feel Method For Minifigures

If all else fails you can revert to good old fashioned guess work. Although you can’t see what is contained in the mystery bags you can of course feel. To the untrained pair of hands they all may feel the same, but if you know what you are looking for you can use this technique fairly well. So what should you be feeling for when looking for Lego Series 7 Minifigures. Well below is a list of the characters and what you should be feeling for to identify them.

Swimming Champion - This is probably the hardest of the lot as she has no real accessories. So this is the key, if you feel very little in there, it could well be the swimmer.

Aztec Warrior - One of the easier ones, feel for the large spiky helmet that the warrior is wearing, also a spear and a shield. This should be one of the easier ones to find.

Bunny Suit Guy - The ears on this one do seem to stand out, two pointy things and then if you also feel the carrot you should get this one.

Bride - The bride and the Viking are the only two with a large piece for legs. So if you find this piece and don’t feel a shield and sword, it should be the bride.

Ocean King - Feel for the tail as it is different to the ordinary legs you would go for, plus the forked spear.

Bagpipe Player - The bagpipes are probably the largest accessory in series 7 so this should not be a tough one to work out.

Daredevil - This is the only one in the series with a round crash helmet, so feel for a smooth ball like object and this should be your man.

Galaxy Patrol - The largest of the new ones so feel for quite a bulky pack and also look out for the large gun.

Tennis Player - A pretty straight forward one this one, just feel for the tennis racket.

Jungle Boy - This is one that may be a little tricky but if you can feel for the small monkey then you should be able to work this one out.

Hippie - This is another really tough one, not very much to make this one stand out, he holds flowers, but so does the bride. So if you feel what you think are flowers but don’t feel a large base for the legs, then it could be the Hippie.

Computer Programmer - This one should not be too bad, just feel for the big flat object which is his laptop computer.

Viking Woman - Bear in mind that the horns are not attached when you buy this, so don’t feel for them. Look for a shield and small sword.

Evil Knight - This one is another one that should not be overly hard. The Evil Knight carries a very large shield and this should stand out when feeling.

Rocker Girl - This one you just need to feel for the long necked guitar, it’s quite a pointy shape.

Grandma Visitor - Little red riding hood is the smallest of the new figures and the bit you should be looking out for is her little basket.

So there you have it. Some are certainly easier than other, minifigures such as the swimmer will not be easy but ones like the bagpipe player should not cause to many problems. If you can’t figure out the bump codes then this is a good way to try and work out which minifigure is contained in the mystery bags.

Hopefully this page will have given you a few clues on how to collect Lego Minifigures Series 7. The bump and dots codes are not easy to read and if you can’t make this method work for you then just grab a bag and have a feel. We are expecting series 8 to be released sometime later this year and so we will be getting some nice new characters then. For now though have fun collecting series 7 and we hope you soon complete your collection.


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks! Your "feel" method confirmed my theory.

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 5 years ago from Australia

      Great information. My grandson will be very interested in this as he is right into Lego building and has quite a collection.