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Lego Minifigures Series 9 - Codes, Characters & Release Date

Updated on February 6, 2013

On this page we are going to be discussing Lego Minifigures Series 9. We will take a look at the release date for Series 9, what brand new characters we are going to be getting in minifigure form and also any other news we can bring you regarding things like dot codes, bump codes etc… If you are a fan of Lego Minifigures then this is a page that you should really enjoy.

For the past three years Lego Minifigures really have been very popular. The first series really caught the imagination of people the world over and since then the figures have gone from strength to strength. We have already seen well over a hundred characters be released and now we are coming up to Series 9 of the minifigures. So what new characters are we going to be seeing and when will the release date for these be? Well below is all the information you should need. As more details come out we will update our page and bring you the latest news.

Chicken Suit Guy

Lego Minifigure Series 9 Are Coming

So first of all you are probably wondering when you can finally get your hands on this new series. Well the release date has been confirmed as January 2013 and you can now buy these in the shops and online. We suspected this would indeed be the release date as the past few years Lego have always brought out a new series in January.

What about new characters? Well this is the subject of much debate. Series 8 certainly gave us some surprises, both good and bad. Fans were disappointed to see another robot, another skier and an almost identical cheerleader to that of series 1. On the flip side there were some really good new releases, Santa went down a storm as did the fairy and the new version of the Vampire. Most people would agree therefore that Series 8 was a mixed bag, so what have we in store for Series 9?

Lego have once again brought out sixteen new characters and some of them should be really good. So here is the complete listing of new minifigures... Waiter, Plumber, Cyclops, Mermaid, Chicken Suit Guy, Alien Trooper, Hollywood Starlet, Maid Marion, Heroic Knight, Dr. Splitz, Fortune Teller, Judge, Roller Derby Girl, Downtown Cop, Battle Mech and Caesar. So straight away there are some in there that seem a little bit to familiar, the cop sounds like one we have already had, another alien, the plumber who sounds a lot like the mechanic and the mermaid which could be a little similar to the Ocean King. There are however some good ones coming such as Maid Marion, Chicken Suit Guy and the Cyclops. As is always the case series 9 looks like being quite a mixed bag.

Series 9 Figures Are Here

Series 9 Packets

How To Identify The Minifigures

One thing that people often go in search of is a way to identify what figure is contained in the mystery bags. For the Series 9 release the packets are a silver kind of color, one we have not seen before. When the early minifigures came out there was a way of reading the barcodes to identify the figure contain within, but Lego put a stop to that after a few series’. Now some people rely on the bump codes or dot codes which are found on the bottom panel on the back of the packet. These can often be very hard to see though and people often get them wrong. However, this is one popular method that may be worth trying.

The most trusted method is obviously the feeling technique. So you have a list of what the characters are and look like and then feel around in the packet to try to work out which one is which. This is a technique that usually gives you a decent idea of what is inside although again it is not always 100% successful. Sometimes you just need a little bit of luck.

When Lego Minifigures Series 9 get their release they are sure to once again be very popular. These simple little Lego men really have become very collectable and people of all ages and backgrounds seem to love them. They can be played with by children and swapped in the playground or adults can take collecting a full set very seriously. As Lego continue to come up with new ideas for characters and bring out more new releases chances are people will keep buying these little figures. In fact it has now been confirmed that later in the year we will be getting Series 10 Minifigures and sixteen new characters to look forward to. By early 2013 we expect lots of people to be ready for the release of Series 9 and so once again they should sell well for Lego all over the world.


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    • profile image

      Somebody 5 years ago

      Idiot suit. Maybe some sort of 'Bieber Fever' type character.

    • profile image

      konur 5 years ago

      pig suit guy

    • profile image

      konur 5 years ago

      panda suit guy