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Madden 15 Ultimate Team Coin Making Guide and Strategy ( MUT )

Updated on September 6, 2014


In this guide I will talk about ways that you can make the most money and coins on Madden Ultimate team with the least effort. I will also talk about Ultimate team, tips for playing, and things that will give you the best chance of success when playing Madden's Ultimate Team.

Before I get started let me say that if you want me to write any specific Madden guides feel free to ask in the comments below. Also I do have many other Madden 15 guides on here so check those out on here as well. I also will be playing more games and posting the games on Youtube, so if you enjoy my video below subscribe on there so that you will stay up to date with everything I do.

What is Madden Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate team refers to possibly the most popular game mode on the Madden franchise. This is where you can build a team of players from all different teams, including legendary players, elite players, rookie players, and each week fantasy players who played well during the week. Once you build your team you can play against online competition, a friends team, do solo challenges, and complete collections to get special bonuses.

Ultimate team requires skill, time, and effort in order to get the best team possible. Which is why I have been creating these guides to help assist you guys, and allow you to ask questions where I can give you help. Once again if you need any help with Madden 15 feel free to comment below, or message me directly on Xbox @ MKS JohnR

Why Coins are SO Important

Coins essentially are going to make or break a player. Having an abundance of coins allows you to buy contract cards if needed, buy new players, and allows you to complete collections significantly easier. Below I will talk about tips to get coins easily within the game, and will provide a few options to help you boost your player.

Tips For Making COINS EASILY

Okay so first I have to discuss what all the Youtubers, and serious Madden players do to start their teams and make their money. They will go on and buy a LOT of packs of cards usually legendary packs with microsoft points, or with real life money. Usually they will buying the higher bulk packs to guarantee their chances of getting the best players that are out there on the market. I have seen some people spend as much as 500-600 dollars building their ultimate team, but they believe it is worth it. But either way, buying packs is by far the easiest way to make money, because you can turn and sell your cards on the auction house and make decent coins. I have seen some people buy 3 legendary packs, and make close to 500K coins off the auction house. At the same time I have seen people buy 10 legendary packs, and only make 100K on the auction house, so it does vary. So just be careful going in, and make sure you don't go to crazy buying packs, but this is the fastest way to make a decent profit on Madden 15's Ultimate Team.

The next way to make coins is competing in seasons play. The better you do each game, and as you win seasons you will continue to make more and more coins. These will quickly add up and will allow you to make a decent profit over time. This will use your contracts up on each player, but as long as you are winning a good majority of the games then you will be able to pull a profit, and over time you will make more and more coins each game.

SOLO Challenges.. The first level of solo challenges is never that great, but over time you will build a team that will allow you to run through these effortlessly. These also tend to yield a decent profit as you get further into the solo challenges, and help you further develop your skills to play against other players online, so this is essentially a double threat.

Collections.. Collections tend to be another crucial piece to making money. Always go through and check your players to see if you have players lying around in the reserves that can be added to the collections. By completing the collections you will make a decent profit, and will be able to build a much tougher team. You tend to get a few coins for the players you add to collections, plus you will also earn decent coins when completing collections. Just be wary not to put your best players on the collections as this may make your team suffer, and may actually set you back a few steps.

The auction house. This is the second easiest way to make money, is by selling your cards you are not using on the auction house. I have a few hundred cards in my reserves that may not be worth a lot, but even if I sold them all for 100 coins each I would make 20-30k which is a good start for beginners. So I would suggest liquidating your cards, plus some may sell for significantly higher than you think. This is a very easy way to make money, but also make sure you follow my guide for the auction house to make sure you get the most money of each card you are listing there.

Overall just remember that making coins takes time. Unless you have a LOT of real life money, and can just blow that on Madden, then you will want to take your time, and buy packs as you make money, and sell them on the auction house. You will slowly build coins, and slowly be able to create an unbeatable team. But as I said this does take time, and takes a decent amount of effort.

One of My Madden Videos


Overall Madden 15 is a lot of fun to play, and can be addicting. Although having a better team makes life a lot easier, keep in mind that many of the big players out there spend a lot of money on their team buying a lot of packs. So for a more economically friendly approach I suggest just taking it easy to build the perfect team.


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    • profile image

      bigdebo04 Xbox1 3 years ago

      change ur playbook... some playbooks keeps puts different plays in different positions. Make sire he isn't in the widereciever. Depth chart either

    • profile image

      Nick A. 3 years ago

      My Austin seferian jenkins card ( rtg 90 ) , 20 points higher than any other THE card I have will not play in game. No matter what combo I use with flex or standard always having ASJ in one of the slots it always puts the other " crappy " THE in the game. I just don't understand why my best card is not being played in game. If you have the solution please help me. Thank you for your time

    • profile image

      Juan Pablo de jesus 4 years ago

      I you could buy a gold player you'd appreciate 200k