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Marvel Avengers Alliance: Time to Recruit Deadpool

Updated on February 5, 2013

Deadpool is Now Available!

Deadpool is Awesome!
Deadpool is Awesome!

Marvel Avengers Alliance

For the first time since playing Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA), I feel like the game developers are finally giving us (non-paying players) a break.

And when I say a break, I mean a chance to catch up to MAA players that actually pay for added bonuses.

You see, Marvel Avengers Alliance is a free-to-play roleplaying game on Facebook. This means that you can play for free, but if you want extra bonuses, you can pay to advance ahead of others.

For example, new weapons cost gold bars. Most new ones that are decent are typically around 64 gold bars. If you play the game, you may get one or two every so often. Accomplishing 3 stars on a mission, gives you one gold bar. Leveling up usually gives you one gold bar. If you make is past the second tier in any given PVP tournament, you get 10 gold bars.

So you can imagine how long it takes to store up 64 gold bars. It takes time if you aren't willing to pay to get ahead.

But I'd say the game developers were nice to allow players to recruit Deadpool for only 90 Command points. This was a shock to me, because I was expecting Deadpool to be at least 200 Command points, based on the sale of Mockingbird a little while back at 200 Command points.

This is the first time Deadpool has been available since they rewarded Top-ranking players in PVP Tournament #1. For more on this Tournament and the rewards, read my previous Hub: Marvel Avengers Alliance: PVP Tournament #2 is Coming.

I think Deadpool is way cooler than Mockingbird, and I was saving my Command points for just an addition to my heroes, such as Deadpool. He is one of my favorites so far, including Spider-man.

Recruiting Note for Deadpool

Deadpool in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Deadpool is the 'Merc With a Mouth'

Deadpool is known in the comics for his dark and twisted sense of humor.

One of his noted abilities is his healing factor, in fact, he is almost impossible to kill in the comic world. Unfortunately, if Marvel Avengers Alliance made him invincible, then it wouldn't be fair to use him in PVP.

Deadpool's Four Moves:

  1. Sharp Pointy Things
  2. Bang Bang Bang!
  3. No Holds Barred
  4. Happy to See You

It is important to note that these four moves have a tiered effect. There is a bonus to using Sharp Pointy Things before Happy To See You, because having "OP" first will add "facemelter" buff onto the bad guy.

If you have "Imba" on Deadpool before performing Happy to See You, then it will add "Rebuff Buffs" to the bad guy.

If Deadpool has Level 16 Ranger status, he can become super-heroic by performing Happy to See You.

Since I just recruited Deadpool, I have not been able to use him in PVP yet. I noticed that while fighting in a mission, a debuff came up under Deadpool that says "No PVP."

I am seriously hoping that this is some sort of joke, because many of the features with DeadPool use his twisted humor. After running a practice PVP match, I tested and confirmed that you can use Deadpool in PVP. "Whew! That's a relief!"

Example: Deadpool surfs the net while it is not his turn. He can "bug" bad guys and can like them after performing a great attack move, similar to the "like" feature on Facebook. See following picture for "like" in battle. Deadpool also can use his laptop to "nerf" a bad guy in response to the last attack. The bad guy will then receive the red "nerfed" icon in his stat icons.

The question is: Did Deadpool like the bad guy's attack?

Answer: Deadpool will "like" any attack he wants. Once he likes you, you get the "pretty cool guy" buff on your character. He likes attacks coming from your team and from the other team. Pretty twisted humor, huh?

Note: Deadpool was cut from a different cloth than normal super-heroes, and has a weird sense of humor. Will he boost my team's super-hero status? I sure hope so.

Deadpool "Likes" Joking Around

Deadpool Also "Likes" Massive Overkills

Marvel Avenger Alliance Developers

If you are an actual developer of Marvel Avengers Alliance, I have a suggestion for Deadpool.

When he uses Sharp Pointy Things, it should apply bleeding to the opponent. It is only natural for sharp, pointy swords to do this.

Now, put this Deadpool debuff into production as soon as possible.


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    • ScottLoogan profile image

      ScottLoogan 4 years ago from High Point, NC, USA

      Oh, ok. Thank you very much.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 4 years ago

      Scott, since Deadpool has a wicked sense of humor, I think buffing a buff or "rebuffing buffs" simply means that it undoes the buff. If you have Deadpool in Imba, then use Happy to See You, then it applies Buff Blocker to the enemy, making them unable to buff. It is very useful when fighting the Scarlet Witch.

    • ScottLoogan profile image

      ScottLoogan 4 years ago from High Point, NC, USA

      Great Hub...but what exactly does the pretty cool guy buff buff? It never says anywhere.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 4 years ago

      I can't tell you the answer to that because I don't know why.

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      Deadpool is 135 command points for me to recruit. This is unfair because other players I know who are lower level and didn't even participate in the PVP tournament can get him for 90 points. Why the difference????

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      I was not aware some people pay more. How much does Deadpool cost you?

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Did you know why some people have to pay more command points, than the others???