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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Five: Refinery

Updated on February 20, 2013

Raiden's on the heels of Desperado Enterprises, and the vicious company has led him to a refinery. Despite not technically belonging to Desperado, the refinery has already been fully-outfitted with cyborgs, Gekkos, and a ton of IR cameras. Sound like fun? Of course it does.

The compound's bottom floor has a few things to pick up before you advance. Head right from the entrance and you'll find a box with Repair Nanopaste. Check the back left of this room and you'll find the computer console for VR Mission 003. Go back into the main room and check behind the first stack of crates in front of the door for a 3D Photo Frame. Then head up the stairs.

Check the far end of the second floor for a Grenade and Ninja Run to the stairs to the third floor. A box up here has a Hold Chip. Grab it and go through the door at the other end. You come out on the roof, and Raiden will have a long-distance encounter with an as-of-yet unnamed femme fatale. Back to the ground it is, then.

Run up the stairs ahead. You'll now be overlooking a few soldiers. Stealth kill one and slaughter the other on landing. To your right is a back route you can use to avoid encounters; to your left are some items and two soldiers, as well as a patrolling Gekko. The enemies aren't that hard, so you might as well take them on. Going this way you'll find two Grenades and some Repair Nanopaste among the ruins, as well as a Hold Chip atop a building opposite the waypoint.

Head to the waypoint. You'll come under attack by several more soldiers. Take them out and Boris will call in, saying there are new enemies in the clearing you just passed. You don't have to face them… though why not. Turn back and you can (optionally) face a pair of Hammerhead helicopters.

These guys are pretty much the same as the last helicopter you faced, though slightly easier thanks to their lower altitude. Either use rockets to stun them and bring them low enough or wait for them to stop, leap in and use Blade Mode to slash them to pieces. So long as you Ninja Run throughout this fight there shouldn't be much chance of getting pegged. If you want the safety net of Homing Missiles, have a look around the ruins to find more.

Head to the waypoint and go through. You'll now be behind the refinery, your target destination. Slice through the fences at the bottom and you'll find Repair Nanopaste to your immediate left, which you should grab before heading inside in earnest… as you'll come under attack by a combination of soldiers and annoying little Dwarf Gekko. Move around a lot to prevent the Dwarves from pinning you in place so the soldiers can hit you harder. These guys drop Repair Units, bless their little hearts, so this fight won't be difficult.

Check the top of the crates in the back-right of this room for a Hold Chip and the top of the crates in the back-left for air vents. Slice through these vents to find the path beyond, which has a few traps in the form of security cameras. Touch the lasers emitted by these cameras and you'll have to fight a Gekko and several Dwarf Gekkos, as well as machine guns mounted to the cameras. Run straight ahead onto the crates on the other side of the room to find a Jamming Grenade and go left to get through. If you find the fit under these lasers a bit hairy, break into a Ninja Run and slide underneath.

Turn on AR's Enhanced Mode in the next corridor. You'll see IR sensors lining the halls. Slide and jump over the first two lines, then reactivate at the other end to see that the stairs are similarly blocked with lasers. If you trip any you'll face a soldier and Dwarf Gekko combo.

The next room is full of security, and Enhanced Mode isn't an option if you want to get through here quietly. Make your way to the left of the warehouse by diving over or sliding under lasers, and circle the periphery until you're at the security door on the second level. This isn't difficult to accomplish without alerting anyone, though if you feel compelled to kill people, get attention on the walkways. You'll be able to avoid the laser-tracking guns this way. Check around the room for two Jamming Grenades, a Repair Nanopaste and a Data Storage, the last on a walkway opposite the stairs to the second floor. Also destroy the air vents just before the security door to find an Endurance +1 sitting on a ledge outside.

Feeling a bit weak? You might want to find some way to heal yourself before advancing, as there's a tough enemy on the horizon…


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