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Minecraft Coral Reef Mod

Updated on January 25, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

The sea floor in Minecraft is notoriously boring. There's dirt, sand, a bit of slow sand here and there, maybe some clay if you're really lucky, but all those things are flat brownish blocks that really don't excite the player very much. If only there was more color down there. If only there were plants and living things. After all, in the real world living things tend to quite like the sea. Life evolved from the sea. By jove, the lack of sea life really undermines the believability of the entire Minecraft experience.

But now there's a whole new mod that adds a coral reef to your sea floor, something for the Squid to play in. The coral reef will grow siz new types of pretty plant, each of which will create their own kind of dye, including Orange Dye, Lime Dye, Magenta Dye, Pink Dye, Brown Dye and Cyan Dye. Hurrah for dyes!

In addition to the six new plant types there are also two new coral block types that make up the base of the coral reef. They can be placed as you please and will be generated apparently at random, but really in accordance to an algorythum that knows more about life and love than you do.

Some of the coral will light up the sea and some of the coral will hurt you with its spikes. Some of the coral will delight you with its bright color and some of the coral will make you feel an odd sense of nostalgia as it triggers memories half forgotten.

Unfortunately Mod Loader is required to install this mod. In theory Mod Loader is the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately Mod Loader has no compunction about destroying any Minecraft install of mine and black screening the heck out of the game. Your milage may vary. In fact, Mod Loader is probably very excellent and I am probably very awful, very awful indeed, so just ignore me for the moment. If you've already got Mod Loader installed, then the fact that this uses Mod Loader probably makes you a very happy wee camper, and good for you, I say.

The Minecraft Coral Reef Mod is therefore theoretically compatible with other mods. It has a series of new block ID's which you can use to generate blocks the cheater's way using a mod like Single Player Commands (a mod which notably does not need Mod Loader to work and simply modify's the minecraft.jar like a decent mod should.)

Download Coral Reef Mod (It's the one after all the butter churns, etc.)


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