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Minecraft Pocket Edition: How To Grow Melons, Sugar and Mushrooms

Updated on February 17, 2014

Farming in Minecraft Pocket Edition

One of the most needed things in Minecraft is food. Without it, you can die from multiple hits from enemies or long falls. Eating an apple that you got when you cut down a tree is fine, but what about food that keeps growing back? It takes way too much time to cut down trees only to find that every third or fourth trees drop an apple. Farming saves precious time in the game because you know that you will be able to harvest new food shortly after you plant it. Here are a few ways to farm in Minecraft PE.

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Sugar Cane

Growing sugar is by far the easiest plant to farm in Minecraft PE. The hardest part is finding the first sugar cane to harvest so you can replant. Search around water sources in your realm as sugar cane must be near water to grow. It will look like a group of green sticks that can grow up to 3 blocks high. Basically, all you have to do to grow more sugar is harvest the top two blocks and “plant”/place them along water. As long as you leave the bottom block where you harvested, sugar will grow back to three blocks high in that spot and anywhere else you plant it. The downside to growing sugar is that you will have to find other items in the game to use it to make food. You can make a cake in the game, which will give you back more hearts than if you were to eat a melon slice or an apple.

Tip: I have seen sugar cane grow naturally in Minecraft PE, but to get a lot of useful items in the game including sugar, use the Nether Reactor. There is a link in the next paragraph that will tell you how to build one.


Melons are kind of a tough one to grow. They also need to be by water, but to get the most efficiency out of your melon plant, they should have land touching them on four sides. I suggest putting the water on the four corners of the block that you are going to plant the melon on. There are pictures below this paragraph that can show you how to make an efficient melon farm. Also, I have heard that placing torches near the melons help them grow faster. Fact or myth, I do it because making torches is a small task to ensure quicker growth. One day I will test that theory and post the findings on here.

Also, another downside to melons is that I am yet to see them grow naturally when you start a realm. You gave to get melon seeds from using the Nether Reactor. The upside to melons is that once planted, after you harvest the melons grow back. The only way to stop them is to remove the water or destroy the block it is planted on. Here is a link to one of my articles on how to build a Nether Reactor.


Up until recently, I have had a really hard time growing mushrooms in Minecraft PE. It was only last month that I successfully grew my first mushrooms. They can be found throughout the grassy parts of the realms, but they are scarce and don’t reproduce quickly. You can also get them through using the Nether Reactor though. To actually grow mushrooms, you have to follow a few steps.

  1. Mushrooms have to be in a dark room
  2. They must have room available next to them to grow
  3. You cannot place torches or any source of light where you plant them
  4. You must be able to access them without letting light get within 4 blocks of them

The safest and easiest way to grow mushrooms is to dig at least 6 blocks into a mountainside. From there, dig out a good sized room that will let no light in. Place the mushrooms at least one block away from the wall and two blocks away from each other. This will give ample room for growth. The only thing you can do now is wait. It took probably 5 days in the game for my first mushroom to grow. It’s very inefficient, and I only did it to prove it could be done. Also, when you go into your “cave”, there will probably be a lot of enemies who have spawned just to annoy you. I would suggest taking a weapon with you when you go to check on them. Hopefully one day Mojang will update the game so mushrooms grow a little faster.

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Other Plants

Farming the other plants in Minecraft: PE are fairly simple. To grow grass which you can use to make bread, you simply use a hoe to till up the grass that grows on almost all dirt blocks. As you do this, seeds will pop up from the ground. All you have to do is replant them on a block that has been tilled and grass will grow there. To harvest, long tap on the plant and it will give you grass and more seeds. Wait until the grass turns tan and the tops become brown before you harvest.

You can, of course, grow trees from saplings. They will fall from the tree when you cut one down. You just have to pick them up and place them on dirt away from things that could obstruct their growth. Trees will produce apples sometimes when you cut them down.

Flowers can be planted in the same way as trees, but they don’t give you any food when harvested. You can use them for dies to make blue and yellow wool, but other than that, they are simply for decoration. There are many flowers and are readily available, but I don’t know if they reproduce.

I hope you find this instruction useful. I know I searched for a long time to find how to grow mushrooms and melons, finding nothing on Google that would help. I thought it would be good to compile in one place how to grow the most frustrating plants in Minecraft PE. You can email me at for any questions you may have!

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Feel free to send me any mistakes you may find in any of my hubs. I really appreciate the read, and hopefully I can interest you in making the choice to keep coming back. If you have any ideas for hubs, you can also send them to me and I may pay you for your ideas!




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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      thanks for the facts

    • profile image


      3 years ago

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    • phtech profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler Parker 

      4 years ago from Idaho Falls, ID

      Thanks for the vote! Farming mushrooms can be difficult but it's manageable with a good weapon. A diamond sword can really come in handy when growing mushrooms. I actually prefer going to the Nether to collect mushrooms though.

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 

      4 years ago from United States

      Mushrooms can be tough just because of mobs spawning. I always run out of patience with farming mushrooms, it's like my lowest priority. Voted up!


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