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Minecraft Pocket Edition: How To Make A Nether Portal In Minecraft PE

Updated on February 17, 2014


This is a tutorial that assumes you know the basics of Minecraft PE. If you need a tutorial on how to get started in the game, I would suggest making your way to YouTube and watching a video tutorial before you attempt to make a Nether Reactor. I will be writing more tutorials for the game. There will be a hub about game basics coming soon. Also, as new updates come out, I will be writing more, so keep your eyes open for that.

Gathering Materials

To make a Nether Reactor in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you’re going to need a few supplies. The list of supplies include:

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword
  • Iron Armor (At a minimum)
  • 14 pieces of stone
  • 4 gold blocks
  • Nether Reactor Core (3 diamond and 6 iron ingots)
  • The trick to finding gold and diamonds is digging anywhere from 6 to 9 levels above bedrock. Bedrock is a grey and black block that you can’t dig through. Dig your mine down to this level and start strip mining. There are plenty of tutorials on how to strip mine, but in essence you are just mining tunnels that prevent you from having to clear each block. By mining parallel tunnels, with two unmined rows in between, you will be able to see the contents of all the blocks in your mine with only 1/3 of the digging.
  • The nether reactor core, diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, gold blocks, and nether reactor can be assembled in the Crafting Table. Like stated above, to make the reactor, you will need to have at least 3 pieces of diamond and 6 iron ingots.
  • Once you have the needed materials, move on to the next section to build your Nether portal.

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Building The Nether Reactor

The nether reactor has to be built correctly to be able to go to the Nether. If you assemble it wrong, it will not work. Also, something to keep in mind is the fact that activating the reactor is going to spawn a huge nether building inside your current world. YOU SHOULD BUILD THE REACTOR AT LEAST 20 BLOCKS AWAY FROM ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT DESTROYED. The bottom level of the reactor will look like:

  • G S G
  • S S S
  • G S G
  • Gold blocks will be placed on the corners of the square with stone pieces in the other 5 spaces in between. The second level will look like:
  • S N S
  • N NR N
  • S N S
  • Place the Nether Reactor in the center of the second level, with a piece of stone touching each of it’s corners. The N’s stand for nothing being placed. Level three will look like:
  • N S N
  • S S S
  • N S N
  • This is exactly the same stone setup as the bottom level, but where there was gold on the bottom, you will leave that space empty on the top.

Once the Nether Reactor is built, you should get a confirmation message on your screen.

Activating The Nether Reactor

*****BEFORE***** you activate the reactor you should equip yourself with armor, your sword and your pickaxe. When you enter the Nether, a building will spawn around you. Inside the building, zombie pigmen will spawn while many items will spring forth from the ground around the reactor. You have two options:

  1. You can run around the core, killing zombie pigmen for a few bars of gold while collecting as many supplies as you can before the reactor stops working and you come back to the real world.
  2. You can mine your gold blocks back before they disappear (so you can build the reactor again) and then proceed to kill the zombie pigmen and grab supplies.

The diamond pickaxe will come in handy when mining back your gold blocks and the nether reactor core. I would suggest the second option unless you like the idea of taking forever to mine for more gold. The reactor is a pretty cool addition to the game.

After The Reactor Is Gone

Once the reactor has deactivated, you will be brought back to the regular world. It will be nighttime, and there will be an empty building with a huge obsidian block where the core once stood. Before you leave the building, I would suggest using your pickaxe to dig out the Nether Reactor Core from inside the obsidian. This will make it so you don’t have to create another one to use next time you want to go into the Nether. Also, another reason you needed the pickaxe is so you can guarantee being able to get out of the building. The building is made of Netherrack, and there may not be a hole in the side that’s big enough to get out of.

Benefits Of Using The Reactor

A few cool things you will gain from using the reactor are: mushrooms, sugar cane, cacti, glowstone dust, paintings, books, doors, bows, bowls, beds, melon seeds and nether quartz. Glowstone dust can be used to make glowstones which essentially act as torches. Mushrooms, sugar cane, and melons can be hard to find and plant in the game, so these are awesome items to collect and grow more of. They are the key items in a lot of food in the game. Nether quartz can be used to make cool looking building blocks, though it really serves no other purpose in the game so far. The rest of the items are common items that can be used to decorate your buildings.

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I love this game, and as long as new updates come out, I will keep writing about what’s new. Hopefully soon the game will have villagers and an actual nether region, but until then I will have fun with what’s there. If you have any questions about the game or any of my other articles, feel free to email me at Thanks for your time reading this and I hope it convinces you to read what I write in the future. ;)


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      3 years ago

      Tank you

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 

      4 years ago from United States

      Wow, that is so different from the PC version of Minecraft. I don't know much about the app, but it seems like you covered how to get to the Nether very well! Voted up.


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