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Runescape 2007 OldScape Fishing SKILL STAT Leveling up Guide and Tips for 1-99

Updated on March 8, 2013


In this guide I will talk about tips and how you should go about getting from level 1-99 fishing. This will include where to go, what to fish and how to make the most money out of fishing.

If you like what you read check out my twitter @Johnrr631992 as I post a lot of my new guides on there, also post on the comments to give me your strategies or let me know what you think of my guide.

Also you can contact me in game @ 12john.

Levels 1-40

When you are doing levels 1 to 40 I suggest doing this in Draynor Village. i suggest doing this for 2 reasons. 1 you already have a net and 2 there is a bank right beside the spot. When I was fishing here I netted until I was at 40, and able to do lobsters. I focused on catching with a net, making a fire and cooking the fish. This allowed me to level up both stats, and only took me about 8 hours of gameplay to do so. While using bait and fishing may be better xp, the cooking portion is a little easier with a net, and tends to work a little quicker with a net especially once you hit level 20.

Personally I highly suggest spending levels 1-40 at draynor village which will allow you to do the net, or bait and fishing rod for the fastest xp, and allow you the best cooking xp.


When I hit level 40, I personally suggest doing lobsters. While you will not get the fastest xp, you will get a decent amount of money for your effort, so personally suggest doing this as your best way to train and make money.

I also suggest heading to the fishing guild once you hit 68 so that the bank is significantly closer to the fishing spots than catherby. Either way your most effective way of making money and leveling is using lobsters until you hit sharks.

The reason I do not suggest harpooning is because of Tuna which will hurt your cooking xp, and while swordfish may be better for xp, and money, with the inconsistency of tuna to swordfish ratio, I personally suggest that you go for lobsters, and then switch to sharks when you are ready whether that be at 76, 80, 85 or 90... None the less I suggest doing sharks and then lobbies because I am looking to make the most profits while doing fishing, and to have the most success.

The hunt to 99

When you are hunting for 99 fishing there are some things you should strive for. Either go for xp, or money. Both go hand in hand with fishing, but when you are going to complete fishing you need to choose which one you are going to go for. If you are going for money, then I highly suggest doing lobsters until you switch to sharks to make the most money out of fishing.

If you are going for xp, then choose feathers or bait, because these two types of fishing while not making you a lot of money, will allow you to get the most experience in the shortest amount of time, which will help you to get to 99.

Like I said, personally I am doing the money making method which I did on the modern Runescape version, and I am doing lobsters from 40-76, then doing sharks and lobsters from 76-99 depending on what I feel like doing that day. But either way, I typically don't do the other quests, and like doing sharks or lobsters to 99 because not only are they good money but they offer decent xp, and will give you the benefit for good cooking xp as well. Personally I think this is the best way to make money on Runescape and will allow you to make money all along the time in Runescape.

Personally I suggest this method overall when you are focused with fishing on runescape for the 76 to 99 method,

Choosing Your Method

When you are going to choose your method for fishing I suggest doing one of the two I have suggested. Either way fishing is a good way to make money, but my method for lobsters until you can do sharks will maximize profits while taking a little extra time with the xp, or you can maximize xp while hurting your profit margin on fishing. Depending on your method I suggest the fishing guild at some point to boost the fishing xp, and banking method for you to help get everything done in a quicker amount of time.


Overall you need to figure out which method you want to go through in order to find you the best way to get to 99 fishing. Whether it is going for fast xp, or for fast money, whichever method you decide is the best will be the best for you. I talk about two methods in which you can reach 99, but there are also other like cave eels, and other methods. It you would like to share yours, type into the comments, also let me know what you think of my methods, and any tips or suggestions.


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